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All American
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Seriously. It's Easter and he's the worst.

4/10/2020 8:29:54 PM

play so hard
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It is not Easter yet.

4/11/2020 6:20:37 AM

All American
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Last few days have been pretty insufferable

4/13/2020 2:01:34 PM

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I'ma be honest, I never really got all the hate about this character. I barely even recall his presence across one alias to the next enough to discern any particular habits of behavior, let alone notice malevolent or malicious behavior. Feel free to show me what I've been missing, but sometimes I think some of y'all just need to relax and ignore fools if that's your assessment.

[Edited on April 13, 2020 at 9:38 PM. Reason : Now salisburyboy, that username carries a legacy. How's he doing these days. Ever settle down? Kids?]

4/13/2020 9:36:37 PM

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well if you can't pick his character out across multiple aliases and notice any particular habits of his behavior, i'm not surprised you don't get all the hate for this guy

definitely not worth enriching yourself trying to figure it out now thats for sure. but also ban this douche, so we can cycle into the rebirth of another alias

4/14/2020 6:17:53 PM

2019 Egg Champ
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Those black eyed peas tasted alright to me.

4/18/2020 11:17:49 AM

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qntmfred = earl EXPOSED

4/23/2020 3:39:29 PM

The Coz
Tempus Fugitive
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I'm thinking of a user who is ruining the nascent days of the resurrected TDub. Can you guess who it is?

11/15/2020 9:53:46 PM

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