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 Jokes » This hippie loses his licence to drive....
This hippie loses his licence to drive and starts riding the bus to work every day. The first day he sits next down next to a nun in the only seat left on the bus. He looks over and says "damn nun, you're pretty sexy, how bout a roll in the hay." she says no and gets off at the next stop.

The second day he sits down next to here again and says again if she will have sex with him and yet again she gets off at the next stop.

The third day she isnt on the bus, and the hippie asks the bus driver about her and tells the driver that he wants to sleep with her. The bus driver says "oh well thats easy, all you have to do is dress up like god, and command her to have sex with you one night while she does here nightly praying at 11 in the graveyard."

The hippie goes out and buys a costume, and the next night at 11 he goes out and theres the nun praying. "i command you to have sex with me," he says. She says ok, "but can you do me from the back so i'm still a virgin?"

He agrees and after its over he throws off his costume and says "jokes on you i'm the hippie from the bus"

The nun then proceeds to do the same thing saying "jokes on you, i'm the busdriver"

submitted by coronakid on Thursday, June 27 at 6:41 AM

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