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 Jokes » A man went to a whorehouse
A man went to a whorehouse to get some practice performing oral sex on his old lady. The woman at the front desk gave him a key and told him to go to room 319. He went in and there he saw his lady of the evening.

He told her why he was there and she gave him a few pointers and told him to get down to it.

He began performing oral sex and was, by her reaction, pretty good at it. But something strange happened. About five mintues into the deed he felt something in his mouth. He stealthily spit it into his hand and saw to his amazement that it was a piece of carrot.

"Oh man, that's fuckin nasty!" he thought, but he said nothing and continued.

Five minutes later he came up with a pea.

"Christ! I can't take this much more. There's something wrong with this bitch." But again he said nothing and gave it one more shot.

This time it was a piece of chicken. He could stand it no longer.

"Fuck! I can't do this anymore! I'm gonna throw up!"

"That's funny," the hooker said, "That's what the last guy did."

submitted by mikeatst on Thursday, November 21 at 4:34 PM

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