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 Jokes » Free cheese
a scotsman with a limp walks into a bar. he looks over his sholder, and asks the bartender, " Isn't that Jesus over there?"

the bartender says, "Yep it sure is."

the gimp scotsman says, "Well then lassy, get him a spot o' joe on me."

then, an englishman with a badly crippled arm walks in, looks over his shoulder and asks the bartender, "Is that Jesus over there?"

again she says, "Yep, sure is."

the crippled englishman says, "Please bring him a cup of tea on my tab."

next , a wobbly redneck, probably suffering from spina bifoda, waddles into the bar. he glances around and then asks the bartender, " Hey, ain't that Jesus over yonder?"

she replies, " Yeah, that's him."

the redneck says, " Well shit, get him a bud lite, on my bill."

after a while, Jesus gets up to leave. on his way out he stops at the scotsman and says, "My son, for all you have done let me heal your injury." the scotsman stands up, does a crazy jig and dances out of the bar.

Jesus then makes his way to the englishman. he says to him, " Thank you for the tea. In return, you are no longer afflicted." the englishman stands up and starts doing cartwheels until he is out the door.

finally Jesus gets to the redneck. he looks down on him, smiling and says, " In return for the great honor you have shown me..."

just then the redneck interupts: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jesus. I'm on disability."

submitted by synergizer on Wednesday, June 21 at 4:22 AM

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