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 Jokes » A 9-year old Japanese boy moves to America and joins a 4th grade class...
"Good morning class, I want to introduce you to our new student, Kiyoshi, who just moved here from Japan.

The teacher opens the day with American history. "Today class, I want to see how well you know what's been discussed so far this semester..

I am going to ask a few basic questions to see if you guys have been paying attention. First, who was one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776?"

..Dead Silence.. Kiyoshi raises his hand. "Yes Kiyoshi?" ... "Thomas Jefferson" he says.

"Very good! .. Okay, second question, who wrote the Gettysburg Address?"

..Dead Silence.. Kiyoshi raises his hand. "Yes Kiyoshi?"...."Abraham Lincoln" he says.

"Again, very good!" Visibly annoyed, the teacher slams down his textbook on the desk and screams, "Kids, this is pathetic, Kiyoshi has been in this country for less than a week and already knows more than you about our country's history, what is wrong with you?!"

...Dead silence ... "DAMN JAPANESE" yells a kid in the back.

"Who said that!!!??" rages the teacher.

..Dead silence, Kiyoshi quickly raises his hand and says, "Lee Iacocca?"

submitted by TKEshultz on Sunday, March 1 at 12:30 PM

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