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 Jokes » Bill Gates dies...
Bill Gates dies and ends up before the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter looks at him and ponders a moment. "Bill," he murmurs, confused, "I am not sure I can let you in here."

"Why not?" Bill asks, equally confused. "I'm Bill Gates, the man responsible for putting a PC in the homes of almost every American!"

Saint Peter is about to answer when God appears abruptly. "Bill, you may be responsible for easing the lives of many with your PCs, but you are also resposible for Windows. But, since your sin and deeds do not outweigh each other, and I cannot decide what to do with you, I'll let you decide. I will let you tour Heaven and Hell, and you can make your decision. But first, hell."

Satan appears in a puff of smoke. "Follow me," he says. Baffled, Bill does so, and the two vanish. In hell, Satan shows Bill thousands of nude beaches filled with women playing volleyball, and all wanting Bill to join.

"Wow, if this is hell, I really want to see heaven," Bill says excitedly. So Satan returns him for the second half of his tour.

In heaven, God shows Bill many gold-paved streets, lined with white-robed souls playing harps, or walking quietly. Bored, Bill says, "Frankly God, I think I'll chose hell."

Two days later, Satan stops by Bill to see how his whipping is proceding. "How are things going, Bill?" he asks aimiably.

"Satan," Bill starts, jerking against his chains as the demon behind him whips him again. "What happened? I mean, when I came down here, there where nude beaches, women, volleyball... where'd it go?"

Satan thinks for a second, the remembers the tour he gave. "Oh, that?" he chuckles, "That was just a demo."

submitted by CrazyJ on Tuesday, March 13 at 12:02 AM

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