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 Jokes » A Duke, UNC, and an NCSU grad were walking down the street....
A Duke grad, a UNC grad, and an NCSU grad are walking down the street when they see a magic lamp. They all pick it up and rub it at the same time, so that they can all get their wishes.

The Genie comes out of the lamp and looks at the three grads. He says, "I am afraid I cannot grant three wishes to each of you. I can only grant three wishes right now, but I see that makes one wish per person."

The Duke grad thinks a moment and says, "I love my university, so I want to be able to work there for the rest of my life." The Genie nods and the Duke grad's business is moved to the center of Duke's campus.

The UNC grad thinks a moment and says, "I love my university, too. I want a wall built around it so that no one can get in and no one can leave." The Genie nodes and a wall appears around UNC's campus.

The NCSU grad thinks a moment and says, "Tell me a little more about this wall?"

The Genie replies, "It's fifty feet high and no one can leave or enter."

The NCSU grad smiles. "Fill it with water."

submitted by CrazyJ on Tuesday, March 13 at 2:54 PM

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