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All American
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I seriously doubt it. You'd need something on the scale of a North Korean invasion, total economic meltdown, or a nuclear device turning Los Angeles into a sheet of glass to distract the American public and the American press from Iraq.

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1/9/2007 3:18:26 PM

All American
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I can't read all of either of the first two pages because it devolves into language that Symantec believes shant be viewed, so the bottom of the page gets blocked.

Anyway, the Ethiopia is getting involved because they don't want an Islamic state on their doorstep, especially because in the past Somalia has had a tendency to claim eastern Ethipia for themselves, like in the late 1970s. Interestingly enough, in that situation we sided with Somalia because Ethiopia was Marxist.

Ethiopia basically whipped up on the Islamic militants in less than two weeks, we are just helping a bit with mop up duty. The internationally recognized government right now is in a very precarious state, and if Ethiopia had not gotten involved, they would have lost.

Unfortunately when outside forces like us and the Ethiopians attack factions within Somalia, it does breed resentment. You just hope that ultimately this may mean that when the current government can stabilize themselves, it will provide a stepping stone for solid relations with Ethiopia.

1/9/2007 3:48:55 PM

All American
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7/13/2018 10:25:53 AM

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