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A Tanzarian
drip drip boom
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(almost) shutdown [2] fortnights

Quote :
"he laughed in my face and told me I'd be a goddamn fool to opt out of the system before I was fully vested"


'cus TSP is a good deal.

1/14/2019 6:06:12 PM

yovo yovo bonsoir
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TSP, FERS (and I qualified for the old, much lower contribution rate, thanks to Peace Corps), and the security of it.

The security being the biggest thing. I watch my Dad narrowly dodge layoffs almost my entire life. They never got him, but they stressed us all out. And I did my time being straight up unemployed. I have no intention of going back.

1/14/2019 7:38:23 PM

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What if all the civilian "essential" employees got sick at the same time or were so overcome with anxiety over their finances that they could not work until paid. (with a doctors note)

1/20/2019 2:18:58 AM

Burn It All Down
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then Reagan would fire them

1/21/2019 12:12:24 PM

All American
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DOE and DOD checking in.

2/2/2019 5:29:26 PM

New Recruit
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It's woefully boring~
I'm doing Summer work w/ GSA out in San Francisco; pay is better than in Raleigh at least :3

8/8/2019 2:12:11 PM

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