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play so hard
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Quote :
"'Gravity' Meets 'Alien' In New Trailer For Movie 'Life'

SPACE: WHAT’S THE point? We’ve been trying to tame the cosmos for decades now, and all we’ve gotten for our troubles are grody chest-busters, soul-sucking black holes, and a few giant space-ants*. So you’d think the galaxy-questers at the heart of next summer’s sci-fi thriller Life would realize that heading out to the great beyond in search of alien life is a terrible idea. Instead, the film’s dedicated team of astronauts and scientists—played by the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson—sail through the stars in a giant space station, eventually coming into contact with what appears to be the first-ever alien life form. But as we learn from the film’s first trailer, which you can watch above, the newly discovered ALF is far from friendly—and its arrival will soon pit Reynolds and Gyllenhaal against each other in an interstellar hunk-off (in space, no one you can hear you be dreamy). Will they be able to put aside their differences and take on the new species together? Or will their alienation lead to annihilation? We’ll find out when Life opens Memorial Day."

11/1/2016 9:54:47 PM

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So, it's The Thing, but in space, with prettier people.

11/1/2016 9:59:24 PM

All American
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Fuck that title font

11/2/2016 8:22:38 AM

All American
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Hiroyuki Sanada is in this. You miht remember him from..

11/2/2016 10:09:05 AM

All American
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this was the worst film i've seen in awhile, it's really bad

6/5/2017 10:48:20 AM

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