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death cab
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The NCAA is a joke. Amateurism in d1 basketball and football is a joke. The fact that some NC State coaches under pressure to win broke some rules in an effort to compete with a rival who doesn't even have to try and educate its students does not bother me. I care less and less about NCAA sports. I will always be an NC State fan but I'm out as a follower of college athletics. Give me pro sports and keep your hypocrisy.

7/11/2019 12:06:36 AM

Laugh, Think, Cry
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Makes a ton of sense to hire the firm that represented UNC. Why would you get someone else who doesn't have recent, relevant experience in this same field?

7/11/2019 12:25:45 AM

play so hard
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Hey, at least we didn't invent a program to academically qualify athletes for multiple decades right?

Jk we are fucked.

7/11/2019 2:40:09 AM

All American
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^^^amen. I already dont follow college basketball. Thats the biggest sham there is. I pity anyone that spends money to go to games, much less buys season tickets. Ill watch the occasional football game because i like football, but big time college athletics sucks now. Its obvious there are protected schools and then schools theyll go hard at to act like theyre doing something. Its all bullshit.

7/11/2019 7:35:03 AM

All American
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I love that you can read 5-6 different sources on the NOA and you'll get a bunch of differing opinions on the severity of everything.

Some believe that NC State got off easy and that Gott/Early are going to get hammered.
Some believe that NC State is going to get hammered and made "an example of" because of the two level 1 infractions.
Some are arguing that NC State being forthright with all info and considering self-sanctions could be the easiest out.
Some are arguing that all evidence is circumstantial and that they should fight this in court and take no punishments.

Hopefully the NCAA starts handing out more of these NOAs(as expected) soon to kinda take the spotlight off of us.

7/11/2019 8:16:10 AM

Sink the Flagship
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I just hope that whatever happens, happens quickly. If the potential NCAA stuff wasn't already hurting our recruiting, it certainly will be moving forward until we have a clear timetable on the punishments. No kid is gonna want to come here if they're not playing for at least a shot at the postseason. Other schools will definitely remind recruits of that fact, just like we probably did to try to hurt UNC, but the only difference is UNC went from getting 5* guys to thirsty high 3* and 4* kids that were willing to take the risk to suit up at Carolina. If we were already pulling in 3/4* guys, who knows what kind of talent will be filling out our roster until the dust settles.

7/11/2019 10:19:49 AM

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