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Douche Bag
Fcuk you
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I'm looking to upgrade my mattress as I go from a queen set to a king.

Curious if any of you have a Leesa, Casper or other national brand (Serta, Sealy, etc.).

Did you buy online or from a store? Are you happy with it?

I like a medium to firm mattress (not super plush) and want one that is compatible with an adjustable base. Interested to hear what you bought, where you bought it, what you paid for it and how you'd rank it 1-10 along with any pros/cons since sleeping on it.

Thanks in advance.

5/15/2019 11:08:03 PM

All American
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Original Tempurpedic was too hot for me - always woke up sweatin'.

Costco foam mattress with the gel embedded in it would take several minutes to warm up and conform to my body. I wake up easily so when I would change positions it would take several seconds to reshape - just wasn't right for me. Did stay relatively cool, though.

Went back to a regular pillow top from Sealy; ~$500 - nothing fancy. Purchased from furniture store on Glenwood that's now out of business.

I have heard friends recommend those 100% gel ones like Purple... but also say they're pretty much impossible to move. Once they expand it's like moving half a ton of jello.

5/16/2019 3:32:17 AM

All American
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i spent a couple nights on a purple and liked it

(i'm not a memory foam fan because i get hot, but i like gel toppers and liked the purple)

5/16/2019 9:23:05 AM

A Tanzarian
drip drip boom
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Quote :
"i'm not a memory foam fan because i get hot"


5/16/2019 11:17:07 AM

Eyes up here ^^
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A lot of it depends on what position you sleep in too. Straight up memory foam is mostly a no-go for a stomach sleeper. It'll kill your back. Take it from me! I do like my memory foam, but it took me a while to readjust my sleeping position.

5/16/2019 12:13:47 PM

Sink the Flagship
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I have a hybrid and I love it. I'm a stomach/side sleeper and I tend to feel hot very easily, but haven't had any issues with the mattress I have (Serta Majesty). I went and tried a bunch at whatever local mattress store and the one I got was the floor model, so I got it 50% off, even though it was my favorite even including the ones not on sale.

I think the hybrid does a good job of providing some ventilation and mine has the memory foam plus a layer of cool gel or whatever that seems to work well. Also sprung for tempur pedic pillows, which was totally worth it.

The only drawback is having sex on the mattress. It's not the end of the world (I imagine a full memory foam one to be a lot worse) but the mattress itself isn't helping you out any as far as momentum, and you have to work a lot harder in some positions because your hands are basically sinking into the mattress when you're supporting yourself.

Also maybe worth mentioning, I bought a full memory foam mattress for my guest room off Amazon. It comes in a ridiculously small box and takes forever to "inflate" (probably weeks to finally fill out all the way). I haven't actually slept on it, but have asked my guests and they said it was fine and wasn't particularly hot or anything.

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5/16/2019 4:55:56 PM

Save TWW
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we had the serta icloud for about 6 months, and then traded it back in. It was nice and firm and comfortable at first, but developed two soft spots where we slept. I used to love when my wife was out of town because I could sleep on the middle section that was still firm. We ended going back to a traditional mattress.

We have a tuft and needle in our guest room that I slept on when my wife was pregnant (so she could stretch out over the whole bed) and she slept in after the kid was born. We both like it. My 2 year old sleeps on it now but he would sleep on anything.

5/16/2019 9:08:33 PM

All American
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We bought ours online from Costco. Its one that has a layer of the gel too. Tried out a bunch in stores to try and narrow down what we wanted (something pretty firm). Ordered one through Costco and slept on it for 2-3 months but it was a little too firm so we sent that one back and ordered a different one that was a little softer and have loved it since. Probably been 5 years now. Think we paid right at $1,000 for a California King. I was hot on the couple of Temperpedic mattresses I've slept on over the years, but haven't had any heat issues with this. Biggest change was just figuring out how to get out of bed in the morning Never realized how much the springs in a mattress helped push me up. For a while it would take me a few tries to get up. /fatty

Our 3 kids now all have memory foam mattresses but we just got fairly cheap ones from Walmart online or something.

All of the mattresses came in a box. They expanded to full size in a day but they had an odor that took a few days to dissipate.

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5/21/2019 9:39:23 PM

All American
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I'm living that sleepnumbers life and never going back

5/21/2019 9:52:46 PM

Universal Magnetic!
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the shit that comes in a box (pretty much anything under 1500) loses its firmness after a couple years to the point that I can't sleep on it at all. I got a tempurpedic on a damaged box closeout (forklift pierced the box but the mattress was mint) for 1200 and its going strong. the one drawback is, at least with mine, the firmest they make, is that you really can't sleep on your side or stomach without a topper.

5/23/2019 2:42:20 PM

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Zinus green tea

5/23/2019 9:04:46 PM

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