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 School Tool » » » Spring 2002 section 002
Instructor : C Smith
Users Enrolled : Bigpants, Listener, BeachNickC, meeveret, just_a_punk, qtipp, Dr. Regulate, NCSU CPE, tomloes, radu, bkfemme, FuGeR, tilldawg
Books Required :
Days : T H
Time : 0950-1105
Average user rating : 2.33
Average GPA of grades : 2.71
Std. dev. of grades : 1.18
Percentile within all classes : 30%
Percentile within department classes : 23%
Percentile within course classes : 77%
 User Ratings
295 Posts
user info
course :ST 371
course rating :3 - Good
course comments :Nice teacher, i had a conflict with him about the final though and it was never resolved. He doesn't care if you are in the hospital dying, you won't be able to take a test early, later, or whenever
class :Spring 2002 section 002
grade received :N/A
class rating :2 - Average
class comments :His tests were multiple choice, pass/fail kinda thing. I would think they were easy when i took them but when i got them back i did terrible.
instructor :Smith
instructor rating :3 - Good
instructor comments :I think he is funny and I did learn something. Some people thought the tests were easy. *shrug* Wish that would have been me.
All American
1646 Posts
user info
course :ST 371
course rating :3 - Good
course comments :The material had potential to be interesting.
class :Spring 2002 section 002
grade received :N/A
class rating :1 - Bad
class comments :I have a theory. Since our teacher (Supposedly Smith) is really into gambling, I believe he is not smith at all, and instead is a random gambler that lost a big bet to smith and now has to teach his class. I say this because his teaching method was putting things up on the overhead. And not working any problems. Also it took 2 weeks to return the tests, which means he had to take the tests to the real Smith to have him grade them, which took longer.
instructor :Smith
instructor rating :1 - Bad
instructor comments :His obsession with Gambling was interesting. But by the end I just wanted to cut off his skanky beard and make a rope out of it and hang him with it... Take someone else unless you have a lot of free time to read a cryptic text book
All American
1240 Posts
user info
course :ST 371
course rating :4 - Awesome
course comments :
class :Spring 2002 section 002
grade received :A
class rating :4 - Awesome
class comments :
instructor :Smith
instructor rating :4 - Awesome
instructor comments :smith is the man

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