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 School Tool » » » Fall 2002 section 009
Instructor : J Doi
Users Enrolled : acey, BluestAngelL, DPT 2s
Books Required :
Days : T
Time : 0600-0850P
Average user rating : 4
Average GPA of grades : 2.86
Std. dev. of grades : 1.39
Percentile within all classes : 40%
Percentile within department classes : 31%
Percentile within course classes : 63%
 User Ratings
106 Posts
user info
course :ST 311
course rating :3 - Good
course comments :ST 311 is as good as it can be ... the material is fairly dry, but easy. The coursepack is great (jimmy wrote it) and explains everything very well.
class :Fall 2002 section 009
grade received :A
class rating :4 - Awesome
class comments :With Jimmy, you can pretty much do your homework on your own (either sitting in class during the 3 hour lecture) or just not go to class and turn it in. He gives a break every hour (so most people leave after the first hour if you understand that night's lecture.) He never took attendance. If you make an A or A+ after the tests, you just need to turn in 2 more homework assignments and you can skip the final exam.
instructor :Doi
instructor rating :4 - Awesome
instructor comments :I had signed up for too many hours and planned on dropping this one ... I came the first night and decided to keep it because Jimmy was such a great prof. He really relates to students, makes statistics more than numbers, gives good examples and envolves students in sample statistics test about interesting things like "How many ST 311 students have tried illegal drugs before" or "What is the average height difference between students and their significant others." He was very friendly and easy

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