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Name of course : Hypersonic Aerodynamics
Description : Fundamentals of inviscid and viscous hypersonic flowfields. Classical and modern techniques for calculating shock wave shapes, expansions, surface pressures, heat transfer and skin friction. Applications to high speed aircraft, rockets and spacecraft.
Prerequisites : MAE 553
Corequisites :
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Average user rating : 2
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 Fall 2004
Class Instructor GPA Std. Dev. Percentile Users
MAE 554 section 001 Dejarnette % 1
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user info
course :MAE 554
course rating :2 - Average
course comments :Surprisingly boring and uninteresting class. You'd think with a title like "Hypersonic Aerodynamics" we'd do some interesting stuff... Hypersonic differs from regular supersonic flow in that the shock lies close to the body, so a few nifty assumptions can be made in the shock equations. You study some of these assumptions/approximations, bodies of lowest drag, and heat transfer for 2-d and axisymmetric bodies.
class :Fall 2004 section 001
grade received :B
class rating :2 - Average
class comments :Some of the 6 homeworks were a breeze, but the others were very difficult. There were a couple of programming assignments that could be difficult if you get tripped up just a little bit. The text book was a good resource, and there are several other books in the library that are useful.
instructor :Dejarnette
instructor rating :2 - Average
instructor comments :I'm one of the few people who doesn't really like Dej all that much. Most people think he's wonderful, but I think he doesn't explain topics very well. He makes topics much more difficult than they have to be. Makes a lot of mistakes in his notes.

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