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Name of department : Accounting
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.15
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.46
Percentile within all departments : 39%
Course Name
ACC 100 Introduction to Accounting Profession
ACC 200 Managerial Acct
ACC 210 Accounting I Concepts of Financial Reporting
ACC 211 Fundamentals of Accounting
ACC 220 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ACC 280 Managerial Accounting
ACC 300 The Accounting Profession
ACC 307 Unknown
ACC 310 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACC 311 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACC 320 Managerial Uses of Cost Data
ACC 330 An Introduction To Income Taxation
ACC 340 An Introduction to Accounting Information Systems
ACC 407 Business Law for Accountants
ACC 410 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting
ACC 411 Business Valuation
ACC 420 Strategic Finance and Planning
ACC 440 Accounting Information Systems
ACC 450 Risk and Assurance
ACC 451 Internal Auditing
ACC 470 Accounting Theory
ACC 480 Accelerated Survey of Financial and Management Accounting
ACC 490 Senior Seminar in Accounting
ACC 495 Special Topics in Accounting
ACC 498 Independent Study in Accounting
ACC 499 Internship in ACC
ACC 508 Advanced Commercial Law
ACC 510 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC 511 Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging
ACC 515 Accounting Theory and Current Issues
ACC 519 Applied Financial Management
ACC 521 Production Cost Analysis and Control
ACC 525 Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 530 Advanced Income Tax
ACC 533 Accounting and Tax Research
ACC 534 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
ACC 535 Taxation of Partnerships and Corporations
ACC 536 Taxation of Estates, Trusts and Gifts
ACC 537 Tax Planning and Business Strategy
ACC 550 Assessing Risks of Information Technology
ACC 551 Advanced Auditing
ACC 552 Advanced Accounting Cases
ACC 580 Survey of Accounting
ACC 588 Special Topics in Accounting
ACC 600 Mgrl & Career Eff
ACC 630 Independent Study
Alber, M
Bartley, J
Beasley, M
Bertha, J
Boudreau, M
Bradford, M
Branson, B
Brazel, J
Brewington, G
Brodie, E
Buckless, F
Carraway, E
Chaney, B
Chen, A
Chen, Y
Cromwell, H
Dworsky, L
Fortune, C
Fowler, B
Fowler, R
Giles, J
Griffin, H
Hancock, B
Hunt, A
Ingraham, L
Jenkins, G
Jhabvala, J
Johnson, R
Kane, S
Khatri, B
Koole, B
Koole, W
Kranitz, E
Krawczyk, K
Lail, B
Marsh, G
Mcclintock, R
Medero, V
Messere, C
Mlot, G
Nunez, K
Pagach, D
Peace, B
Peace, R
Pennington, R
Ray, J
Ressner, M
Sawyer, R
Sawyers, R
Scott, P
Showalter, D
Springer, S
Symanski, L
Taylor, E
Thomas, R
Vass, D
Williams, P
Woolard, M
Wright, L
Wright, R
Zuckerman, G

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