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Name of department : Art And Design
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.42
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.18
Percentile within all departments : 69%
Course Name
ADN 102 Design Fundamentals for Art & Design
ADN 111 Two Dimensional Design for Non-Design Majors
ADN 112 Three Dimensional Design for Non-Design Majors
ADN 202 Design Studio: Art & Design in Context
ADN 212 Basic Photography
ADN 219 Digital Imaging
ADN 231 Design History for Engineers and Scientists
ADN 272 Printed Textile Design
ADN 273 Fibers Materials and Processes
ADN 281 Basic Drawing
ADN 292 Special Topics in Design
ADN 302 Design Studio: History, Culture & Diversity
ADN 311 Basic Visual Laboratories
ADN 312 Intermediate Photography
ADN 319 Introduction to Animation
ADN 384 Basic Painting
ADN 386 Basic Sculpture
ADN 400 Design Studio
ADN 402 Design Studio: Practice and Technology
ADN 411 Visual Laboratory II
ADN 413 Synthetic Drawing
ADN 414 Color and Light
ADN 418 Contemporary Issues in Art and Design
ADN 419 Multimedia and Digital Imaging
ADN 428 Art and Design: Theory and Practice
ADN 454 Geometry for Designers
ADN 455 Building Workshop
ADN 460 Multimedia and Advanced Digital Imaging Studio
ADN 470 Fibers and Surface Design Studio
ADN 472 Advanced Surface Design
ADN 473 Advanced Three-Dimensional Fibers Forms and Structures
ADN 474 Advanced Digital Hand Weaving
ADN 475 Pre-Industrial World Textiles
ADN 480 Intermediate Studio
ADN 481 Intermediate Drawing
ADN 484 Intermediate Painting
ADN 486 Intermediate Sculpture
ADN 487 Sculpture: Life Modeling
ADN 490 Art and Design International Studio
ADN 491 Special Seminar in Design
ADN 492 Special Topics in Design
ADN 494 Internship in Design
ADN 495 Independent Study in Design
ADN 502 Advanced Visual Laboratory
ADN 503 Graduate Seminar in Art & Design
ADN 560 Adv Animatn Studio
ADN 561 Animation Seminar
ADN 570 Advanced Fibers and Surface Design Studio
ADN 571 Fibers and Surface Design Seminar
ADN 575 Pre-Industrial World Textiles
ADN 581 Final Project Research
ADN 588 Final Project Studio
ADN 630 Independent Study in Art & Design
ADN 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration
ADN 689 Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full Time Registration
Allen, T
Bissinger, M
Blume, V
Brandeis, S
Buie, T
C0x, C
Collins, L
Cox, C
Cuales, M
Diaz, L
Fitzgerald, P
Floyd, C
Freeman, M
Joyner, C
Kunreuther, E
Leblanc, J
Malecha, M
Milne, A
Pause, M
Plume, V
Raub, C
Raymond, D
Rieder, K
Robertson, A
Rudd, M
Schneider, E
Stephens, A
Stevens, B
Temple, T
Toplikar, S
Wan, J

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