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Name of department : Africana Studies
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
AFS 230 Introduction to African-American Music
AFS 240 African Civilization
AFS 241 Introduction to African-American Studies II
AFS 243 African-American Theater
AFS 248 Survey of African-American Literature
AFS 260 History of Jazz
AFS 275 Introduction to History of South and East Africa
AFS 276 Introduction to History of West Africa
AFS 305 Racial and Ethnic Relations
AFS 340 Afri-Amer-Theatre
AFS 342 Introduction to the African Diaspora
AFS 343 African Religions
AFS 344 Leadership in African American Communities
AFS 345 Psychology and the African American Experience
AFS 346 Black Popular Culture
AFS 349 African Literature in English
AFS 372 African-American History Through the Civil War, 1619-1865
AFS 373 African-American History Since 1865
AFS 375 African Am Cinema
AFS 409 Black Political Participation in America
AFS 440 Senior Sem In Afs
AFS 442 Issues in the African Diaspora
AFS 448 African-American Literature
AFS 455 History of the Civil Rights Movement
AFS 475 History of the Republic of South Africa
AFS 476 Leadership in Modern Africa
AFS 479 Africa (sub-Saharan) in the Twentieth Century
AFS 497 Topics in African-American Studies
Blackwell, J
Brookins, C
Burkett, T
Caple, P
Charles, J
Clark, C
Clark, L
Crumbley, D
Dellafave, R
Dudley, M
Edwards, T
Entzi, J
Hairston, A
Hayes, F
Hayes, L
Heinze, D
Hord, F
Kalinga, O
Kambon, K
Laryea, D
Leach, M
Lynne Kelley, B
Orgeron, M
Pettis, J
Powell, K
Ray, T
Sawyer, K
Smith mckoy, S
Smith-mckoy, S
Thomas, M
Vickery, K
Ward, E
Woodard, J

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