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Name of department : Anthropology (also See Sociology)
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.83
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.4
Percentile within all departments : 12%
Course Name
ANT 251 Physical Anthropology
ANT 252 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 253 Introduction to Prehistory
ANT 254 Language and Culture
ANT 261 Technology in Society and Culture
ANT 310 Native Peoples and Cultures of North America
ANT 325 Andean South America
ANT 330 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANT 346 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
ANT 370 Intr Forensic Anth
ANT 373 The Human Fossil Record
ANT 392 International and Crosscultural Communications
ANT 411 Overview of Anthropological Theory
ANT 412 Applied Anthropology
ANT 416 Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANT 419 Ethnographic Field Methods
ANT 420 Biological Bases for Human Social Behavior
ANT 421 Human Osteology
ANT 429 Advanced Methods in Forensic Anthropology
ANT 431 Tourism, Culture and Anthropology
ANT 444 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women
ANT 460 Urban Anthropology
ANT 464 Anthropology of Religion
ANT 495 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANT 496 Anthropology Internship
ANT 498 Independent Study in Anthropology
ANT 508 Culture and Personality
ANT 511 Overview of Anthropological Theory
ANT 512 Applied Anthropology
ANT 516 Qualitative Research Methods
ANT 531 Tourism, Culture and Anthropology
ANT 544 Cross-Cultural Perspective on Women
ANT 560 Urban Anthropology
ANT 583 Archaeological Method and Theory
ANT 595 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANT 610 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANT 693 Masters Supervised Research
ANT 695 Masters Research
ANT 696 Summer Thesis Res
ANT 699 Masters Thesis Preparation
ANT 810 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANT 896 Summer Dissert Res
Alterman, L
Atkinson, M
Bhattarai, H
Bhattari, H
Black, M
Case, D
Case, T
Chein, F
Chen, F
Clifford, W
Curran, D
Czaja, R
De coster, S
Della fave, R
Driscoll, E
Ellovich, R
Engen, R
Esperanza, J
Fitpatrick, S
Fitzpatrick, S
Gottovi, N
Greene, A
Greenstein, T
Gunn, J
Haines, C
Hoban, T
Jacka, J
Jicha, K
Johannesson, E
Kimball, M
Klaits, F
Lambert, J
Leiter, J
Lilley, S
Mccall, P
Melmo, V
Melomo, V
Moxley, R
Risman, B
Rissman, B
Ross, A
Rovner, I
Scarry, J
Schiller, A
Schulman, M
Schulman, S
Schwalbe, M
Simon, S
Smith, W
Solimeo, S
Storr, J
T-devey, D
Terry, I
Thomas, M
Thompson, M
Thomson, R
Tittle, C
Troost, K
Walek, M
Wallace, J
Wallace, T
Wimberley, R
Woodrum, E
Wormsley, W
Zahn, M
Zingraff, M

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