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Name of department : Architecture
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.25
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.37
Percentile within all departments : 50%
Course Name
ARC 102 Architectural Design Fundamentals
ARC 140 Experiencing Architecture
ARC 141 History of Design I
ARC 142 History of Design II
ARC 162 An Introduction to Architecture
ARC 201 Architectural Design: Environment
ARC 202 Architectural Design: Form
ARC 211 Natural Systems and Architecture
ARC 232 Structures and Materials
ARC 241 History of Architecture
ARC 242 History of Western Architecture
ARC 251 Architectural Representation
ARC 252 Architectural Design Methods
ARC 253 Architectural Communication
ARC 261 The Discipline of Architecture
ARC 289 Architectural Travel Study I
ARC 292 Special Topics in Architecture
ARC 301 Arch Design: Inter
ARC 302 Architectural Design: Technology
ARC 331 Architectural Structures I
ARC 332 Architectural Structures II
ARC 400 Architectural Design
ARC 401
ARC 402 Architectural Design: Integration
ARC 403 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Environment
ARC 404 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Form
ARC 405 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Technology
ARC 406 Architectural Design Fundamentals: Integration
ARC 414 Environmental Control Systems
ARC 432 Architectural Construction Systems
ARC 441 History of Contemporary Architecture
ARC 442 History of NC Architecture
ARC 445 Aesthetics and Design
ARC 490 Architecture International Studio
ARC 492 Special Topics in Architecture
ARC 495 Independent Study in Architecture
ARC 500 Architectural Design: Professional Studio
ARC 501 Professional Architecture Studio I
ARC 502 Professional Architecture Studio II
ARC 503 Advanced Architectural Design (Series)
ARC 531 The Chair as an Architectural Artifact
ARC 534 Design of Architectural Details
ARC 543 Analysis of Precedent
ARC 544 Architectural Conservation
ARC 546 Theory of Building Types
ARC 548 Vernacular Arch
ARC 551 Design Methods and Programming
ARC 561 The Practice of Architecture
ARC 570 Anatomy of the City
ARC 571 Urban House
ARC 573 Environmental Perception
ARC 574 Place and Place Making
ARC 575 Participatory Design in Architecture
ARC 576 Community Design
ARC 577 Sustainable Communities
ARC 578 Ecological Design
ARC 580 Sptp-Legal Iss Arc
ARC 581 Project Preparation Seminar
ARC 589 Architectural Travel Study II
ARC 590 Special Topics in Architecture
ARC 598 Final Project Studio In Architecture
ARC 630 Independent Study
ARC 676 Special Seminar In Architecture
ARC 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
ARC 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
ARC 696 Summer Thesis Res
ARC 697 Final Project Research in Architecture
ARC 896 Summer Dissert Res
Abrams, R
Alabi, M
Amundson, J
Atkinson, S
Barrie, T
Batchelor, P
Battaglia, L
Battaglia, P
Bell, B
Bishir, C
Bizios, G
Borden, G
Burns, N
Burns, R
Cannon, R
Cannon, S
Cassily, E
Cherry, L
Clark, R
Dautel, K
Dixon, D
Ficca, J
Gaddis, S
Gomes, F
Griffin, D
Guimaraes, M
Harmon, F
Hicks, T
Hill, D
Hobgood, K
Hu, J
Inceoglu, A
Johnson, J
Konar, M
Krieg, G
Ladd, C
Lanou, R
Lee, J
Luker, K
Malecha, M
Mann, J
Martin, T
Mcauliffe, T
Mckinnon, H
Moore, J
Moore, R
Morgado, P
Osborne, D
Pazienza, E
Place, W
Rand, J
Rand, P
Raval, S
Redfield, W
Reese, J
Rifki, F
Robinson, M
Sanoff, H
Schaffer, K
Shaffer, K
Stevenson, M
Szostak, P
Tector, J
Tesar, P
Weinstein, E
Williams, H
Young, S
Zell, M

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