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Name of department : Agricultural And Resource Economics
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.77
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.45
Percentile within all departments : 9%
Course Name
ARE 011 Ag Records Account
ARE 012 Intro To Ag Econ
ARE 021 Agribusiness Acct
ARE 032 Princ Salesmanship
ARE 036 Agri Business Law
ARE 041 Personal Fin Mgt
ARE 051 Agric Business Mgt
ARE 052 Agric Marketing
ARE 061 Ag & Env Policy
ARE 063 Managemt Personnel
ARE 201 Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics
ARE 210 Consumer Economics
ARE 215 Small Bus Acct
ARE 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 303 Farm Management
ARE 304 Agribusiness Management
ARE 306 Agricultural Law
ARE 309 Environmental Law & Economic Policy
ARE 311 Agricultural Markets
ARE 312 Agribusiness Marketing
ARE 321 Agricultural Financial Management
ARE 332 Hr Mgt Ag Bus
ARE 336 Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics
ARE 401 Economic Analysis for Non-Majors
ARE 403 Economics of Consumer Decisions
ARE 404 Advanced Agribusiness Management
ARE 423 Futures and Options Markets
ARE 433 U.S. Agricultural Policy
ARE 436 Environmental Economics
ARE 490 Career Seminar in Agriculture & Resource Economics
ARE 492 External Learning Experience
ARE 493 Special Problems/Research Exploration
ARE 495 Special Topics in Agricultural and Resource Economics
Beach, R
Beals, A
Brandt, J
Campbell, R
Carlson, G
Chen, X
Chrimper, R
Ciliberto, F
Coffey, J
Davis, A
Deal, J
Dudley, M
Fackler, P
Feitshans, T
Gelblum, R
Goodwin, B
Graybeal, D
Hallstrom, D
Hallstrum, D
Harper, D
Hegda, A
Hendickson, M
Hendrickson, M
Holt, M
Kirch, J
Kondyan, S
Kuszaj, J
Lamb, R
Lumbantobing, R
Marra, M
Moore, C
Oltmans, A
Oviedo, P
Palmquist, R
Parker, F
Parker, M
Pasour, E
Phaneuf, D
Phanuel, D
Phillips, J
Roberts, M
Russ, J
Safley, C
Sampson, H
Schrimper, R
Scotello, M
Sepulveda, J
Smith, K
Sung, J
Supupveda, J
Thurman, W
Usry, B
Usry, R
Vanderhoeven, G
Vonhaefen, R
Vukina, T
Walden, M
Weems, W
Wholgenant, P
Wohlgenant, M
Wohlgenant, P
Zheng, X

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