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Name of department : Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.21
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.29
Percentile within all departments : 43%
Course Name
BAE 023 Light Equip Techno
BAE 033 Agr Trac & Mach
BAE 100 Introduction to Biological and Biomedical Engineering
BAE 101 Introduction to Biological Engineering and Computing
BAE 121 Computer Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences
BAE 200 Computer Methods in Biological Engineering
BAE 201 Shop Processes and Management
BAE 202 Introduction to Biological and Agricultural Engineering Methods
BAE 311 Agricultural Machinery and Power Units
BAE 315 Properties of Biological Engineering Materials
BAE 323 Water Management
BAE 324 Elementary Surveying
BAE 332 Animal Facilities and Environmental Management
BAE 333 Processing Agricultural Products
BAE 343 Agricultural Electrification
BAE 344 Circuits and Controls
BAE 361 Analytical Methods in Engineering Design
BAE 381 Human Physiology for Engineers
BAE 382 Biomedical Engineering Applications
BAE 401 Bioinstrumentation
BAE 402 Transport Phenomena
BAE 422 Introduction to Food Process Engineering
BAE 425 Industrial Microbiology and Bioprocessing
BAE 432 Agricultural and Environmental Safety and Health
BAE 435 Precision Agriculture Technology
BAE 440 Geographic Information Systems in Production Agriculture
BAE 442 Systems Approach to Agricultural and Environmental Issues
BAE 451 Engineering Design I
BAE 452 Engineering Design II
BAE 462 Machinery Design and Applications
BAE 465 Unknown
BAE 471 Land Resources Environmental Engineering
BAE 472 Irrigation and Drainage
BAE 473 Introduction to Surface/Water Quality Modeling
BAE 481 Structures & Environment
BAE 485 Bioelectricity
BAE 492 External Learning Experience
BAE 493 Special Problems in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
BAE 495 Special Topics in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
BAE 501 Instrumentation and Control For Biological Systems
BAE 502 Instrumentation for Hydrologic Applications
BAE 522 Mechanics of Biological Materials
BAE 525 Industrial Microbiology and Bioprocessing
BAE 535 Prec Ag Technology
BAE 572 Irrigation and Drainage
BAE 573 Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
BAE 575 Stormwater Bmp Des
BAE 576 Watshed Mon Assess
BAE 578 Agricultural Waste Management
BAE 579 Stream Channel Assessment and Restoration
BAE 582 Risk and Failure Assessment of Stream Restoration Structures
BAE 583 Ecohydraulics and River Corridor Function
BAE 585 Bioelectricity
BAE 590 Special Problems
BAE 601 Seminar
BAE 610 Special Topics
BAE 620 Special Problems
BAE 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
BAE 690 Master's Examination
BAE 693 Master's Supervised Research
BAE 695 Master's Thesis Research
BAE 696 Summer Thesis Research
BAE 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
BAE 752 Instrumentation For Agricultural Research and Processing
BAE 771 Theory Of Drainage--Saturated Flow
BAE 774 Theory Of Drainage--Unsaturated Flow
BAE 780 Transport and Fate Of Chemicals In Soils and Natural Waters
BAE 785 Food Rheology
BAE 790 Special Topics
BAE 801 Seminar
BAE 810 Special Topics
BAE 820 Special Problems
BAE 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
BAE 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
BAE 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
BAE 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
BAE 896 Summer Dissertation Research
BAE 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Abrams, C
Abrams, F
Amatya, D
Baughman, G
Beasley, D
Blancahrd, S
Blanchard, S
Bowers, C
Boyette, M
Burchell, M
Cheng, J
Chinn, M
Classen, J
Crouse, D
Ellington, G
Grabow, G
Hale, S
Heininger, R
Horstman, M
Huffman, R
Hunt, W
Jennings, G
Kolar, P
Mente, P
Mentets, P
Parson, J
Parsons, J
Phillips, B
Puckett, P
Roberson, G
Rubin, A
Rubin, R
Rubints, A
Seaboch, T
Shah, S
Sharma, R
Skaggs, R
Stikeleather, L
Veal, M
Wang, L
Willis, D
Willits, D

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