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Name of department : Biochemistry
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.33
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.37
Percentile within all departments : 59%
Course Name
BCH 150 Introductory Biochemical Concepts
BCH 451 Principles of Biochemistry
BCH 452 Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory
BCH 453 Biochemistry of Gene Expression
BCH 454 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
BCH 455 Proteins and Molecular Mechanisms
BCH 492 External Learning Experience
BCH 493 Special Problems in Biochemistry
BCH 495 Special Topics in Biochemistry
BCH 552 Experimental Biochemistry
BCH 553 Biochemistry of Gene Expression
BCH 555 Proteins and Molecular Mechanisms
BCH 571 Reg Of Metabolism
BCH 590 Tppb-Reg Int Euc I
BCH 601 Macromolecular Structure
BCH 610 Special Topics
BCH 615 Special Topics In Biochemistry
BCH 660 Free Radicals In Toxicology
BCH 670 Laboratory Rotations
BCH 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
BCH 690 Master's Examination
BCH 693 Master's Supervised Research
BCH 695 Master's Thesis Research
BCH 696 Summer Thesis Research
BCH 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
BCH 701 Macromolecular Structure
BCH 703 Macromolecular Synthesis and Regulation
BCH 705 Molecular Biology Of the Cell
BCH 751 Biophysical Chemistry
BCH 761 Advanced Molecular Biology Of the Cell
BCH 763 Biochemistry Of Hormone Action
BCH 768 Nucleic Acids: Structure and Function
BCH 801 Seminar In Biochemistry
BCH 810 Special Topics
BCH 815 Advanced Special Topics
BCH 860 Free Radicals in Toxicology
BCH 870 Laboratory Rotations
BCH 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
BCH 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
BCH 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
BCH 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
BCH 896 Summer Dissertation Research
BCH 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Agris, P
Ascencio-Ibanez, J
Brown, D
Cavanagh, J
Clark, A
Clark, C
Goshe, M
Gracz, H
Hanley, L
Hanley-bowdoi, L
Hanleybowdoin, L
Hardin, C
Hassan, H
Hemenway, C
Hemenway, L
Knopp, J
Mattos, C
Maxwell, E
Maxwell, S
Miller, B
Miller, W
Odle, J
Presutti, D
Rose, B
Rose, R
Sisler, E
Sylvia, A
Vana, C
Wollen, Z
Wollenzien, P

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