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Name of department : Biological Sciences
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.11
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.43
Percentile within all departments : 30%
Course Name
BIO 105 Biology in the Modern World
BIO 106 Biology in the Modern World Laboratory
BIO 115 Issues in Biology
BIO 116 Issues in Biology Lab
BIO 125 General Biology
BIO 140 Survey of Animal Diversity
BIO 160 Introduction to Cellular and Developmental Zoology
BIO 181 Introductory Biology I
BIO 183 Introductory Biology II
BIO 212 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 220 Marine Biology
BIO 260 Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology
BIO 295 Special Topics in Biology
BIO 330 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 333 Captive Animal Biology
BIO 350 Animal Phylogeny and Diversity
BIO 361 Developmental Biology
BIO 370 Developmental Anatomy of the Vertebrates
BIO 375 Developmental Anatomy Laboratory
BIO 410 Introduction to Animal Behavior
BIO 414 Cell Biology
BIO 420 Introduction to Fisheries Science
BIO 421 Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 422 Biological Clocks
BIO 423 Introduction to Fisheries Sciences Laboratory
BIO 426 Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
BIO 441 Biology of Fishes
BIO 490 Senior Seminar in Biological Sciences
BIO 491 Seminar on Professional Development in Biological Sciences
BIO 492 External Learning Experience
BIO 493 Special Problems in Biological Sciences
BIO 495 Special Topics in Biology
BIO 510 Advanced Biology for Secondary Teachers
Aday, D
Alexander, L
Alston-mills, B
Austin-mills, B
Beck, J
Beckmann, R
Bednar, D
Beseli, A
Black, B
Blanton, R
Bowling, B
Brannen, C
Brooks, A
Butler, E
Campbell, J
Christie, M
Cleveland, K
Cobb, C
Cooper, R
Davies, E
Derosier, D
Engell, M
Farmer, W
Feaver, M
Ferzli, M
Flick, A
Flynn, L
Frear, L
Gardner, G
Geisen, P
Grady, J
Grant, W
Grossfeld, R
Grubb, B
Guo, Y
Haddad, N
Haning, B
Hawkins, M
Heatwole, H
Hux, S
Kimps, N
King, S
Klesath, M
Klimstra, R
Kosal, E
Landin, J
Lee, G
Leigh Bateman Adewal, H
Locklear, J
Mickle, J
Momeyer, D
Ngulo, E
Niedzlek feav, M
Niedzlek-feav, M
Niedzlik-feav, M
Norwood, N
Palamar, M
Parks, L
Patisaul, H
Patterson, R
Porter, K
Ringler, S
Robinson, M
Rowland, A
Sackett, D
Saville, A
Seward, N
Sherrill, B
Smith, J
Smith, S
Swiers, R
Sylvia, A
Turley, N
Underwood, H
Van Horn, S
Waldstein, A
Werno, M
Wilson, J
Wingate, M
Wolcott, T

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