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Name of department : Biotechnology
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.51
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.11
Percentile within all departments : 76%
Course Name
BIT 211 Phage Genomics
BIT 295 Special Topics in Biotechnology
BIT 360 Manipulation of Recombinant DNA
BIT 410 Manip Recomb Dna
BIT 461 Sequencing cDNA Libraries
BIT 462 Microarrays
BIT 463 Fermentation of Recombinant Microorganisms
BIT 464 Protein Purification
BIT 465 Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation
BIT 466 Animal Cell Culture Techniques
BIT 467 PCR and DNA Fingerprinting
BIT 468 Genome Mapping
BIT 481 Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation
BIT 492 External Learning Experience
BIT 493 Special Problems in Biotechnology
BIT 495 Special Topics
BIT 501 Ethical Issues in Biotechnology
BIT 510 Core Technologies
BIT 563 Fermentation of Recombinant Microorganisms
BIT 564 Protein Purification
BIT 565 Real-time PCR Techniques
BIT 566 Animal Cell Culture Techniques
BIT 567 Pcr Dna Fingerprin
BIT 568 Genome Mapping
BIT 569 Rna Pur Analysis
BIT 572 Proteomics
BIT 581 Plant Transformatn
BIT 595 Special Topics
BIT 696 Summer Thesis Res
BIT 810 Core Technologies In Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIT 815 Advanced Special Topics
BIT 896 Summer Dissert Res
Ashwell, C
Ashwell, M
Betancur, L
Carson, S
Elumalai, S
Fuller, F
Han, S
He, L
Izuela, B
Johannes, E
Kelly, R
Lyford, L
Miller, H
Miller, J
Mozdiak, P
Mozdziak, P
Muddiman, D
O'malley, W
Parks, L
Petitte, J
Pettite, J
Qu, R
Robertson, D
Robertson, N
Sederoff, H
Sosinski, B
Stomp, A
Van zyl, L
Vanzyl, L
Witherow, D
Zyl, V

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