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Name of department : Botany
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.24
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.42
Percentile within all departments : 49%
Course Name
BO 101 Perspectives on Botany
BO 102 Introduction to Research
BO 200 Plant Life
BO 213 Plants and Civilization
BO 215 Medicinal Plants
BO 220 Local Flora
BO 222 Kingdom of Fungi
BO 250 Plant Biology
BO 277 Space Biology
BO 295 Special Topics in Botany
BO 321 Introduction to Whole Plant Physiology
BO 360 Introduction to Ecology
BO 365 Ecology Laboratory
BO 400 Plant Structure and Diversity
BO 403 Systematic Botany
BO 405 Wetland Flora
BO 413 Introductory Plant Anatomy
BO 414 Cell Biology
BO 421 Plant Physiology
BO 422 Plant Physiology Laboratory
BO 445 Paleobotany
BO 480 Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
BO 481 Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation
BO 492 External Learning Experience
BO 493 Special Problems in Botany
BO 495 Special Topics in Botany
BO 501 Fungi and Their Interaction With Plants
BO 503 Systematic Botany
BO 544 Plant Geography
BO 545 Paleobotany
BO 565 Plant Community Ecology
BO 575 Introduction to Mycology
BO 581 Plant Transformatn
BO 595 Special Topics Botany
BO 601 Botany Seminar
BO 620 Special Problems In Botany
BO 624 Topical Problems
BO 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
BO 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
BO 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
BO 690 Master's Examination
BO 693 Master's Supervised Research
BO 695 Master's Thesis Research
BO 696 Summer Thesis Research
BO 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
BO 710 Plant Anatomy
BO 712 Plant Morphogenesis
BO 718 Biological Control of Weeds
BO 722 Advanced Morphology and Phylogeny of Seed Plants
BO 730 Fungal Genetics and Physiology
BO 731 Water Relations Of Plants
BO 733 Plant Growth and Development
BO 745 Paleobotany
BO 751 Advanced Plant Physiology I
BO 752 Advanced Plant Physiology II
BO 754 Laboratory in Advanced Plant Physiology II
BO 760 Principles of Ecology
BO 761 Physiological Ecology
BO 762 Applied Coastal Ecology
BO 770 Advanced Topics In Ecology I
BO 774 Phycology
BO 775 The Fungi
BO 776 The Fungi - Lab
BO 780 Plant Molecular Biology
BO 795 Special Topics Botany
BO 801 Seminar
BO 820 Special Problems
BO 824 Topical Problems
BO 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
BO 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
BO 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
BO 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
BO 896 Summer Dissertation Research
BO 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Allen, N
Amski, E
Beckmann, R
Blanton, R
Blum, U
Boss, W
Boston, R
Brown, C
Burkholder, J
Chilton, W
Damschen, E
Daub, M
Davies, E
Drehmel, D
Fites, R
Grand, L
Haigler, C
Hoffmann, W
Jefferies, S
Jeffries, S
Kay, S
Knebel, L
Krings, A
Lumalai, S
Mann, L
Mickle, J
Null, K
Pate, S
Peters, M
Riddle, J
Robertson, D
Robertson, N
Rosenfeld, K
Sederoff, H
Stucky, J
Thakor, B
Thomas, J
Thompson, W
Unruh, L
Unruh snyder, L
Unruh synder, L
Van dyke, C
Vandyke, C
Walker, A
Weldon, A
Wentworth, T
Wright, D
Xiang, J
Xie, D
Zamski, E

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