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Name of department : Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
CBS 522 Mechanics of Biological Materials
CBS 580 Clinical Veterinary Epidemiology
CBS 595 Special Topics
CBS 602 Seminar In Biology Of Reproduction
CBS 610 Special Topics In Veterinary Medical Sciences
CBS 620 Special Problems
CBS 662 Professional Conduct in Biomedical Research
CBS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
CBS 693 Master's Supervised Research
CBS 695 Master's Thesis Research
CBS 696 Summer Thesis Research
CBS 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
CBS 730 Veterinary Histology
CBS 731 Applied Veterinary Anatomy I
CBS 732 Electron Microscopy In Veterinary Medicine
CBS 740 Research Animal Care and Use
CBS 742 Advanced Systemic Histopathology
CBS 743 Toxicologic Pathology I
CBS 751 Pathogenic Bacteriology and Mycology
CBS 752 Diagnostic Bacteriology and Mycology
CBS 753 Veterinary Immunology
CBS 754 Principles Of Analytical Epidemiology
CBS 755 Immunoparasitology
CBS 756 Immunogenetics
CBS 760 Mol Epid Inf Dis
CBS 762 Principles of Pharmacology
CBS 764 Advances in Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology
CBS 770 Cell Biology
CBS 773 Advanced Developmental Biology
CBS 774 Epidemiology Of Infectious Diseases Of International Importance
CBS 780 Veterinary Production Epidemiology
CBS 782 Marine Mammal Medicine
CBS 783 Advanced Immunology
CBS 785 Advanced Pharmacology
CBS 787 Pharmacokinetics
CBS 790 Special Topics in Clinical Pathology
CBS 795 Special Topics
CBS 800 CBS Seminar
CBS 802 Seminar In Biology Of Reproduction
CBS 803 Seminar in Surgical Pathology
CBS 804 Seminar in Necropsy Pathology
CBS 805 Seminar in Pharmacology
CBS 806 Seminar in Cell Biology
CBS 807 Seminar in veterinary Microbiology/Immunology
CBS 810 Special Topics
CBS 812 Special Topics Pathology
CBS 813 Special Topics Laboratory Pharmology
CBS 815 Advanced Topics in Virology
CBS 816 Advanced Topics In Immunology and Biotechnology
CBS 817 Advanced Topics In Zoological Medicine I
CBS 818 Advanced Topics In Zoological Medicine II
CBS 820 Special Problems
CBS 860 Instrumentation In Pharmacological Research
CBS 861 Bacterial Pathogenic Mechanisms
CBS 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
CBS 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
CBS 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
CBS 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
CBS 896 Summer Dissertation Research
CBS 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Adler, K
Altier, C
Anderson, K
Arasu, P
Argenzio, R
Barnes, H
Barnes, J
Baynes, R
Blikslager, A
Breen, M
Breitschwerdt, E
Brown, T
Brownie, C
Cole, G
Correa, M
Cowen, P
Cullen, J
Dean, G
Dorman, D
Dykstra, M
Farin, C
Farin, P
Fish, R
Fleisher, L
Fuller, F
Gadsby, J
Gardner, S
Gebreyes, W
Ghashghaei, T
Gilger, B
Gookin, J
Grindem, C
Guy, J
Hammerberg, B
Hauck, M
Horowitz, J
Jaykus, L
Jones, S
Kennedy-stosk, S
Kennedy-Stoskopf, S
Law, J
Law, M
Levine, J
Levy, M
Lewbart, G
Ley, D
Linder, K
Martin, L
Mcgahan, M
Moeser, A
Monteiro, N
Monteiro-rivi, N
Morales, R
Mozdziak, P
Nascone-Yoder, N
Noga, E
Olby, N
Orndorff, P
Papich, M
Piedrahita, J
Preston, G
Reddy, D
Riviere, J
Rivierre, J
Rodriguez-pue, M
Rodriguez-Puebla, M
Sannes, P
Sherry, B
Sills, R
Slenning, B
Smallwood, E
Smallwood, J
Smart, R
Smoak, I
Stoskopf, M
Thakur, S
Thrall, D
Tompkins, W

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