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Name of department : Civil Engineering
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.04
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.41
Percentile within all departments : 25%
Course Name
CE 200 Civil Engineering, Measurements, and Surveys
CE 201 Civil Engineering Measurements and Surveys
CE 203 Global Positioning and Geographical Information Systems Applications
CE 213 Introduction to Mechanics
CE 214 Engineering Mechanics-Statics
CE 215 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics
CE 260 Construction Engineering Systems
CE 261 Constru Engr Sys
CE 280 Principles of Environmental Engineering
CE 297 Current Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 301 Civil Engineering Surveying and Geomatics
CE 305 Traffic Engineering
CE 313 Mechanics of Solids
CE 324 Structural Behavior Measurement
CE 325 Structural Analysis
CE 327 Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 332 Materials of Construction
CE 337 Civil Engineering Computing
CE 342 Engineering Behavior of Soils and Foundations
CE 367 Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings
CE 373 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CE 374 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CE 375 Civil Engineering Systems
CE 381 Hydraulics Systems Measurements Lab
CE 382 Hydraulics
CE 383 Hydrology and Urban Water Systems
CE 384 Unknown
CE 390 Engineering Economics
CE 400 Transportation Engineering Project
CE 401 Transportation Systems Engineering
CE 403 Highway Design
CE 413 Principles of Pavement Design
CE 420 Structural Engineering Project
CE 425 Introduction to Matrix Structural Analysis
CE 426 Structural Steel Design
CE 435 Engineering Geology
CE 440 Geotechnical Engineering Project
CE 443 Seepage, Earth Embankments and Retaining Structures
CE 463 Construction Estimating, Planning, and Control
CE 464 Legal Aspects of Contracting
CE 465 Construction Equipment and Methods
CE 466 Building Construction Engineering
CE 468 Construction Engineering Laboratory
CE 469 Construction Engineering Project
CE 470 Physical Processes of Environmental Engineering
CE 476 Air Pollution Control
CE 477 Principles of Solid Waste Engineering
CE 479 Air Quality
CE 480 Water Resources Engineering Project
CE 481 Environmental Engineering Project
CE 484 Water Supply and Waste Water Systems
CE 487 Introduction to Coastal and Ocean Engineering
CE 488 Water Resources Engineering
CE 497 Current Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 498 Special Problems in Civil Engineering
CE 501 Transportation Systems Engineering
CE 502 Traffic Operations
CE 503 Highway Design
CE 504 Airport Planning and Design
CE 505 Advanced Airport Systems Design
CE 509 Highway Safety
CE 521 Structural Models
CE 522 Theory and Design Of Prestressed Concrete
CE 523 Theory and Behavior Of Steel Structures
CE 524 Analysis and Design Of Masonry Structures
CE 525 Struct Analysis Ii
CE 526 Finite Element Method in Structural Engineering
CE 527 Structural Dynamics
CE 528 Structural Design in Wood
CE 529 FRP Strengthening and Repair of Concrete Structures
CE 536 Introduction to Numerical Methods for Civil Engineers
CE 537 Computer Methods and Applications
CE 538 Information Technology and Modeling
CE 548 Engineering Properties Of Soils I
CE 549 Soil and Site Improvement
CE 561 Construction Project Management
CE 564 Legal Aspects Of Contracting
CE 565 Construction Safety Management
CE 567 Const. Risk & Fin.
CE 568 Construction Engineering Laboratory
CE 571 Theory Of Water and Waste Treatment
CE 572 Design Of Water and Wastewater Facilities
CE 573 Biol Princ Env Eng
CE 574 Environmental Chemistry for Engineers
CE 576 Engineering Principles Of Air Pollution Control
CE 577 Engineering Principles Of Solid Waste Management
CE 579 Principles of Air Quality Engineering
CE 580 Flow In Open Channels
CE 583 Engineering Aspects Of Coastal Processes
CE 584 Hydraulics Of Ground Water
CE 586 Engineering Hydrology
CE 588 Water Resources Engineering
CE 589 Sptp-Nondestr Eval
CE 590 Special Topics In Civil Engineering
CE 591 Special Topics in Civil Engineering Computing
CE 592 Special Topics in Construction Engineering
CE 593 Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
CE 594 Special Topics in Structures and Mechanics
CE 595 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering
CE 596 Special Topics in Water Resource and Environmental Engineering
CE 601 Civil Engineering Seminar
CE 602 Seminar in Civil Engineering Computing
CE 603 Construction Engineering Seminar
CE 604 Geotechnical Engineering Seminar
CE 605 Structures and Mechanics Seminar
CE 606 Transportation Engineering Seminar
CE 607 Water Resource and Environmental Engineering Seminar
CE 610 Unknown
CE 635 Advanced Reading In Civil Engineering
CE 675 Civil Engineering Projects
CE 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
CE 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
CE 689 Adv Top Civil Engr
CE 693 Master's Supervised Research
CE 695 Master's Thesis Research
CE 696 Summer Thesis Research
CE 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
CE 701 Urban Transportation Planning
CE 702 Traffic Flow Theory
CE 705 Intelligent Transportation Systems
CE 706 Advanced Traffic Control
CE 707 Transportation Policy and Funding
CE 714 Stress Waves
CE 715 Advanced Strength of Materials
CE 717 Theory Of Plates and Shells
CE 718 Plasticity and Limit Analysis
CE 719 Finite Deformation Of Materials I
CE 720 Matrix and Finite Element Structural Analysis I
CE 721 Matrix and Finite Element Structural Analysis
CE 722 Structural Dynamics
CE 723 Advanced Structural Dynamics
CE 724 Probabilistic Methods Of Structural Engineering
CE 725 Earthquake Structural Engineering
CE 726 Advanced Theory Of Concrete Structures
CE 737 Computer-Aided Engineering Systems
CE 741 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CE 742 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CE 744 Foundation Engineering
CE 746 Dynamics Of Soils and Foundations
CE 747 Geosynthetics in Geotechnical Engineering
CE 751 Theory Of Concrete Mixtures
CE 753 Asphalt and Bituminous Materials
CE 755 Highway Pavement Design
CE 757 Pavement Management Systems
CE 759 Inelastic Behavior Of Construction Materials
CE 761 Design Of Temporary Structures
CE 762 Construction Productivity
CE 763 Materials Management In Construction
CE 765 Construction Equipment Systems
CE 766 Building Construction Systems
CE 769 Automation and Robotics In Civil Engineering
CE 771 Advanced Water and Waste Treatment: Principles and Design
CE 772 Environmental Exposure and Risk Analysis
CE 773 Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment
CE 774 Chemistry and Microbiology For Engineers II
CE 775 Modeling and Analysis Of Environmental Systems
CE 776 Advanced Water Management Systems
CE 779 Advanced Air Quality
CE 781 Behavior and Analysis Of Ocean Structures
CE 782 Coastal Hydrodynamics
CE 783 Design Of Coastal Facilities
CE 784 Ground Water Contaminant Transport
CE 785 Urban Stormwater Management
CE 790 Advanced Topics In Civil Engineering
CE 791 Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering Computing
CE 792 Advanced Topics in Construction Engineering
CE 793 Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
CE 794 Advanced Topics in Structures and Mechanics
CE 795 Advanced Topics in Transportation Engineering
CE 796 Advanced Topics in Water Resource and Environmental Engineering
CE 801 Advanced Civil Engineering Seminar
CE 802 Advanced Civil Engineering Computer Seminar
CE 803 Advanced Construction Engineering Seminar
CE 804 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Seminar
CE 805 Advanced Structures and Mechanics Seminar
CE 806 Advanced Transportation Engineering Seminar
CE 807 Advanced Water Resource and Environmental Engineering Seminar
CE 839 Advanced Reading In Civil Engineering
CE 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
CE 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
CE 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
CE 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
CE 896 Summer Dissertation Research
CE 899 Doctoral Thesis Preparation
Acquesta, M
Arugmugam, S
Arumugam, S
Aziz, T
Bahador, M
Barlaz, M
Bartelt-hunt, S
Bartucca, J
Baugh, J
Bernold, L
Bingham, W
Blue, T
Bobko, C
Borden, R
Brantley, J
Briggs, R
Brill, E
Chao, A
Cordona, M
Cropper, M
De los reyes, F
DeCarolis, J
Delosreyes, F
Ducoste, J
Edge, B
Efer, L
Evans, T
Fam, A
Fisher, J
Foster, M
Foyle, R
Frey, C
Frey, H
Gabr, M
Gonzales, M
Gonzalez, M
Guddati, M
Guddati, N
Gupta, A
Gupya, A
Hanson, J
Hassan, T
Hummer, J
Jadoun, F
Janjithan, S
Jin, Q
Johnston, D
Kasal, B
Khosla, N
Kim, Y
Knappe, D
Knappe, K
Kowalsky, M
Kress, J
Krstulovic, N
Krute, L
Kumar, G
Kunberger, T
Laefer, D
Laffer, D
Lajara De Los Reyes, F
Leming, M
Lewis, M
List, G
Liu, M
Lombardi, D
Loughlin, D
Lunn, D
Mahinthakumar, G
Mahinthakumar, K
Mahinthalumar, K
Malcom, H
Malpass, G
Marshall, S
Matzen, V
Mccain, P
Mirmiran, A
Mojarrad, H
Nau, J
Nau, M
Nazario, I
Nunez, R
Overton, M
Paarish, D
Parish, D
Pyo, S
Rahman, M
Ranjithan, S
Rasdorf, W
Reddy, K
Rizkalla, S
Robinson, B
Rossner, A
Rouphail, M
Rouphail, N
Savadatti, S
Schooler, P
Seracino, R
Slunt, J
Stone, J
Subramanian, V
Sumner, E
Tan, Y
Tayebali, A
Thuente, D
Tung, C
Uphai, R
Visintine, B
Wahls, H
Warren, K
Weaver, E
Wilkens, K
Wilkins, J
Williams, B
Yu, J
Zechman, E
Zia, P

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