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Name of department : Crop Science
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.63
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.51
Percentile within all departments : 3%
Course Name
CS 011 Field Crop Product
CS 012 Cereal Grain Prod
CS 021 Turfgras Their Use
CS 022 Prin Turfgr Manage
CS 051 Forage Production
CS 052 Weed Cont Field Cr
CS 053 Turf Orn Weed Cont
CS 055 Advanced Turf Mgmt
CS 062 Tobacco Production
CS 063 Peanut Production
CS 064 Soybean Production
CS 065 Cotton Production
CS 066 Corn Production
CS 067 Wheat Production
CS 090 Turf Seminar
CS 091 Field Crop Seminar
CS 103 Into Crop Science
CS 200 Introduction to Turfgrass Management
CS 210 Residential Lawn Management
CS 211 Plant Genetics
CS 213 Crops: Adaptation & Production
CS 218 Cereal Grain Crop Production
CS 230 Intro Agroecology
CS 312 Grassland Management for Natural Resources Conservation
CS 400 Turf Cultural Systems
CS 411 Crop Ecology
CS 413 Plant Breeding
CS 414 Weed Science
CS 415 Integrated Pest Management
CS 424 Seed Science and Technology
CS 430 Advan Agroecology
CS 440 Geographic Information Systems in Production Agriculture
CS 462 Soil-Crop Management Systems
CS 465 Turf Management Systems and Environmental Quality
CS 470 Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management
CS 490 Senior Seminar in Crop Science and Soil Science
CS 492 External Learning Experience
CS 493 Special Problems in Crop Science
CS 495 Special Topics in Crop Science
CS 502 Plant Disease: Methods and Diagnosis
CS 524 Seed Physiology
CS 565 Turf Management Systems and Environmental Quality
CS 577 Conservation and Sustainable Development I
CS 590 Special Topics
CS 601 Seminar
CS 620 Special Problems
CS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
CS 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration
CS 689 Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full Time Registration
CS 690 Master's Examination
CS 693 Master's Supervised Research
CS 695 Master's Thesis Research
CS 696 Summer Thesis Research
CS 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
CS 711 Tobacco Technology
CS 713 Physiological Aspects Of Crop Production
CS 715 Weed Science Research Techniques
CS 716 Weed Biology
CS 717 Weed Management Systems
CS 718 Biological Control Of Weeds
CS 719 Origin and Evolution Of Cultivated Plants
CS 720 Molecular Biology In Plant Breeding
CS 725 Pesticide Chemistry
CS 727 Pesticide Behavior and Fate In the Environment
CS 729 Herbicide Behavior In Plants
CS 741 Plant Breeding Methods
CS 745 Quantitative Genetics In Plant Breeding
CS 746 Breeding Methods
CS 748 Breeding For Pest Resistance
CS 795 Special Topics
CS 801 Seminar
CS 820 Special Problems
CS 860 Plant Breeding Laboratory
CS 861 Plant Breeding Laboratory
CS 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
CS 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
CS 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
CS 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
CS 896 Summer Dissertation Research
CS 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Blount, W
Bowman, D
Brandenburg, R
Bruneau, A
Burke, I
Burton, J
Burton, M
Cardinal, A
Carter, D
Clemmer, K
Cooper, R
Crouse, D
Cummings, H
Danehower, D
Danhower, D
Dewey, R
Dunphy, E
Dunphy, J
Edmisten, K
Erickson, E
Everman, W
Fisher, L
Glennon, H
Goodman, M
Grand, L
Green, J
Gregg, J
Haigler, C
Heiniger, R
Heininger, R
Henry, G
Holland, J
Illibrew, A
Isleib, T
Jelinek, S
Jordan, D
Judge, C
Kay, S
Keys, R
Kuraparthy, V
Lee, D
Levin, J
Lewis, R
Lindgren, P
Linker, H
Mcelroy, S
Milla-Lewis, S
Miller, G
Monks, D
Mueller, J
Mueller, P
Murphy, J
Murphy, P
Nuti, R
Parker, R
Patterson, R
Peacock, C
Qu, R
Reynolds, C
Richardson, R
Rufty, T
Rutledge, J
Sain, M
Schroeder, M
Schroeder-Moreno, M
Seth, D
Seth Carley, D
Sisson, V
Smith, W
Spears, J
Stalker, H
Tallery, S
Thomas, W
Troxler, S
Tungate, K
Unruh, L
Viator, R
Warren, L
Weber, J
Wehner, T
Weissinger, A
Weisz, P
Wells, R
Wherley, B
Wilcut, J
Wilkerson, G
Yelverton, F
York, A

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