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Name of department : Economics - Graduate
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.32
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.22
Percentile within all departments : 57%
Course Name
ECG 503 Economics Of Recreation
ECG 504 Monetary and Financial Macroeconomics
ECG 505 Applied Microeconomic Analysis
ECG 506 Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
ECG 507 Economics for Managers
ECG 508 Macroeconomics and the Business Environment
ECG 512 Law and Economics
ECG 514 Economics of Information Goods
ECG 515 Environmental and Resource Policy
ECG 521 Markets and Trade
ECG 523 Planning Farm and Area Adjustments
ECG 532 Economics of Trade Unions
ECG 533 Economics Of World Food and Agricultural Policy
ECG 537 Health Economics
ECG 540 Economic Development
ECG 551 Agricultural Production Economics
ECG 555 Managerial Economics
ECG 561 Intermediate Econometrics
ECG 562 Topics In Applied Econometrics
ECG 570 Analysis Of American Economic History
ECG 580 Writing In Econ
ECG 590 Special Economics Topics
ECG 630 Independent Study
ECG 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
ECG 690 Master's Examination
ECG 695 Master's Thesis Research
ECG 696 Summer Thesis Research
ECG 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
ECG 700 Price Theory
ECG 701 Advanced Price Theory
ECG 702 Prices, Value and Welfare
ECG 703 Income and Employment Theory
ECG 704 Advanced Income and Employment Theory
ECG 705 Monetary Economics
ECG 706 Industrial Organization and Control
ECG 707 Topics In Industrial Organization
ECG 708 History Of Economic Thought
ECG 710 Theory Of Public Finance
ECG 715 Environmental and Resource Economics
ECG 716 Topics In Environmental and Resource Economics
ECG 730 Labor Economics
ECG 731 Policy and Research Issues In Labor Economics
ECG 739 Economics Growth and Development I
ECG 740 Advanced Economic Development
ECG 741 Agricultural Production and Supply
ECG 742 Consumption, Demand and Market Interdependency
ECG 748 Theory Of International Trade
ECG 749 Monetary Aspects Of International Trade
ECG 750 Economic Decision Theory
ECG 751 Econometrics
ECG 752 Topics In Econometrics
ECG 753 Microeconometrics
ECG 765 Mathematical Methods For Economics
ECG 784 Advanced Macroeconomics
ECG 785 Monetary Theory
ECG 790 Avanced Special Topics
ECG 830 Independent Study
ECG 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
ECG 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
ECG 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
ECG 896 Summer Dissertation Research
ECG 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Allen, S
Caner, M
Chanda, A
Civelli, A
Clark, R
Easley, J
Fackler, P
Fisher, D
Flath, D
Fouque, J
Ghysels, E
Goodwin, B
Grennes, T
Hall, A
Hallstrom, D
Headen, A
Holt, M
Holthausen, D
Inoue, A
Knoeber, C
Lamb, R
Lapp, J
Maia, L
Margolis, S
Mcelroy, M
Morant, T
Morrill, M
Morrill, T
Newmark, C
Palmquist, R
Pearce, D
Pelletier, D
Phaneuf, D
Renkow, M
Renkow, T
Roberts, M
Seater, J
Sills, E
Smith, K
Stroup, R
Taylor, L
Thurman, W
Tsoulouhas, F
Tsoulouhas, T
Vukina, T
Wessels, W
White, B
White, W
Wohlgenant, M
Wohlgennant, M
Zheng, X

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