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Name of department : Foreign Languages And Literatures - Spanish
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.14
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.33
Percentile within all departments : 37%
Course Name
FLS 101 Elementary Spanish I
FLS 102 Elementary Spanish II
FLS 105 Intensive Elementary Spanish
FLS 110 Accelerated Elementary Spanish
FLS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
FLS 202 Intermediate Spanish II
FLS 208 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
FLS 210 Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
FLS 212 Spanish: Language, Technology, Culture
FLS 300 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
FLS 301 Survey of Spanish Literature Through The Golden Age
FLS 302 Survey of Spanish Literature: 1700 to Present
FLS 303 Latin American Literature to 1898
FLS 304 Latin American Literature from 1898 to the Present
FLS 306 Business Correspondence in Hispanic Culture
FLS 307 Business Spanish
FLS 308 Spanish Conversation and Reading
FLS 309 Spanish Phonetics and Advanced Conversation
FLS 310 Advanced Spanish Grammar
FLS 311 Advanced Spanish Composition
FLS 315 Culture and Civilization of the Iberian Peninsula
FLS 316 The Culture and Civilization of Latin America
FLS 318 Hispanic Cinema
FLS 319 Children's and Adolescent's Literature in Spain and Latin America
FLS 323 Contemporary Hispanic Literature
FLS 331 Spanish Oral and Written Expression I
FLS 332 Spanish Oral and Written Expression II
FLS 333 The Sounds of Spanish
FLS 336 Spanish for Business
FLS 340 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures
FLS 341 Literature and Culture of Spain I
FLS 343 Literature and Culture of Spain III
FLS 351 Literature and Culture of Latin America I
FLS 353 Literature and Culture of Latin America III
FLS 360 Hispanic Cinema
FLS 395 Spanish Study Abroad Programs
FLS 400 Methods and Techniques in Spanish Translation and Interpretation
FLS 401 Spanish For Graduate Students
FLS 402 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
FLS 403 Hispanic Prose Fiction
FLS 404 Hispanic Drama
FLS 412 Topics in the Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean
FLS 492 Seminar in Hispanic Studies
FLS 500 Meth Tech Spn Tran
FLS 502 Ling Struct Span
FLS 503 Span App Ling
FLS 519 Childrens' Literature of Spain Since 1950
FLS 525 Poetry and Politics in Latin America
FLS 592 Graduate Seminar
FLS 630 Independent Study in Spanish
FLS 675 Special Project in Spanish
FLS 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration
barovero, L
Adkins, Y
Alonso, A
Alonso, S
Anderson, E
Arellano, F
Baez, M
Baez, V
Barovero, L
Bianchi-hall, C
Block, C
Bolig, R
Byer, S
Cabrera, J
Carpenter, J
Carson, D
Carter, P
Coachman, K
Cofreshi, L
Cofresi, L
Collins, R
Condon-madden, C
Cox, R
Craddock, G
Cruz, J
Darhower, M
Darhowser, M
Davis, P
Davis, S
Dawes, G
Despain, J
Despain, S
Dolan, L
Donoso, E
Drehmel, C
Feeny, T
Gaffer, E
Garrigan, S
Gonzalez, G
Gray, A
Green-gilliam, M
Harrison, L
Hillman, K
Hillmanm, K
Holland, C
Infantino, P
Jaimes, H
Jeuda, D
Johnson, C
Kelly, J
Kennedy, A
Kestenbaum, H
Kidawi, E
Kidwai, E
Krawczyk, K
Krawiec, M
Lee, G
Lioret, K
Long, A
M-mcarthur, I
Maclachlan, L
Mari, J
Martin, I
Martin-mcarth, I
Mcconnell, J
Mcneely, W
Mcneely-wick, W
Michnowicz, J
Miller, P
Moreillo, B
Moriello, B
Moriello, R
Nagel, O
Navey davis, S
Navey-davis, S
Ncneely-wick, W
Neely-wick, W
Nunes, T
Pasten, J
Place, S
S-holliman, T
Sabir, Y
Salstad, L
Sanchez, W
Sendra, O
Sinclair, K
Sotillo, S
Spring, R
Stern, I
Swann, S
Tharrington, K
Vilches, E
Villa-garcia, K
Villa-garcia, L
Vojtko, J
Widener, J
Widener-Reynolds, J
Wiedmer, P
Woodbridge, M
Wright, A
Wright, C

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