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Name of department : Forestry
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.97
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.43
Percentile within all departments : 20%
Course Name
FOR 110 Introduction to Forestry
FOR 150 Professional Development I: Critical Thinking in Natural Resources
FOR 172 Forest System Mapping and Mensuration I
FOR 202 Wood Anatomy and Properties
FOR 204 Silviculture
FOR 212 Dendrology
FOR 221 Conservation of Natural Resources
FOR 248 Forest History, Technology and Society
FOR 250 Professional Development II: Communications in Natural Resources
FOR 252 Introduction to Forest Science
FOR 260 Forest Ecology
FOR 261 Forest Communities
FOR 264 Forest Wildlife
FOR 265 Fire Management
FOR 273 Forest System Mapping and Mensuration II
FOR 274 Mapping and Mensuration
FOR 280 Evolution of Forest machinery and Systems
FOR 291 Independent Study in Forestry
FOR 295 Special Topics in Forestry
FOR 303 Silvics and Forest Tree Physiology
FOR 304 Theory of Silviculture
FOR 310 Fisheries and Wildlife Inventory and Management
FOR 318 Forest Pathology
FOR 319 Forestry Economics
FOR 330 North Carolina Forests
FOR 350 Professional Development III: Ethical Dilemmas in Natural Resource Management
FOR 353 Air Photo Interpretation and Photogrammetry
FOR 374 Forest Measurement, Modeling, and Inventory
FOR 402 Forest Entomology
FOR 404 Forest Wildlife Management
FOR 405 Forest Management
FOR 406 Forest Inventory, Analysis and Planning
FOR 411 Forest Tree Genetics and Biology
FOR 414 World Forestry
FOR 415 World Forestry Study Tour
FOR 420 Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology
FOR 422 Consulting Forestry
FOR 423 Forest Machinery and Systems
FOR 434 Forest Operations and Analysis
FOR 444 Wood Procurement Management
FOR 450 Professional Development IV: Leadership
FOR 460 Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy
FOR 472 Unknown
FOR 485 Natural Resources Advocacy
FOR 490 Senior Seminar in Forestry
FOR 491 Special Topics in Forestry and Related Natural Resources
FOR 501 Dendrology
FOR 502 Forest Measurements
FOR 503 Tree Physiology
FOR 505 Forest Management
FOR 506 Timber Investment Analysis
FOR 507 Silviculture Mini Course
FOR 509 Forest Resource Policy
FOR 510 Introduction to GPS
FOR 513 Silviculture for Intensively Managed Plantations
FOR 519 Forest Economics
FOR 520 Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology
FOR 522 Consulting Forestry
FOR 534 Forest Operations and Analysis
FOR 540 Advanced Dendrology
FOR 554 Principles of Spatial Analysis
FOR 561 Forest Communities of the Southeastern Coastal Plain
FOR 562 Forest Communities of the Southern Appalachians
FOR 577 Conservation and Sustainable Development I: Concepts and Methods
FOR 578 Conservation and Sustainable Development II: Integrated Problem Solving
FOR 581 Agroforestry
FOR 583 Tropical Forestry
FOR 585 Advanced Wildlife Habitat Management
FOR 595 Special Topics
FOR 601 Graduate Seminar
FOR 602 Seminar In Wildlife Management
FOR 603 Seminar In Forest Research
FOR 608 Forest Management and Planning
FOR 610 Special Topics In Forestry
FOR 615 Advanced Topics In Forestry
FOR 680 Field Practicum in Tropical Forestry
FOR 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
FOR 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
FOR 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
FOR 690 Master's Examination
FOR 693 Master's Supervised Research
FOR 695 Master's Thesis Research
FOR 696 Summer Thesis Research
FOR 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
FOR 701 Advanced Hydrology
FOR 713 Advanced Topics In Silviculture
FOR 725 Forest Genetics
FOR 726 Advanced Topics In Quantitative Genetics
FOR 727 Tree Improvement Research Techniques
FOR 728 Quantitative Forest Genetics Methods
FOR 733 Forest Ecosystem Analysis
FOR 734 Advanced Forest Management Planning
FOR 750 Ecological Restoration
FOR 753 Environmental Remote Sensing
FOR 765 Advanced Forest Entomology
FOR 772 Forest and Renewable Resource Policies on the Public Lands
FOR 773 Ecophysiology Of Forest Production
FOR 774 Topics In Forest Modeling
FOR 782 Silviculture and Management Of Forest Plantations In the Tropics
FOR 784 The Practice Of Environmental Impact Assessment
FOR 795 Advanced Special Topics in Forestry
FOR 801 Seminar
FOR 802 Seminar In Wildlife Management
FOR 803 Seminar In Forest Research
FOR 810 Special Topics In Forestry
FOR 815 Advanced Special Topics in Forestry
FOR 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
FOR 890 Doctoral Preliminary Exam
FOR 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
FOR 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
FOR 896 Summer Dissertation Research
FOR 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Abt, B
Abt, R
Ahn, S
Allen, H
Allen, L
Arnold Nelson, S
Bardon, B
Bardon, R
Benson, D
Bergman, B
Bergmann, B
Bettis, J
Blank, G
Braham, R
Bromley, P
Bruck, R
Bullock, B
Cardenas, D
Cheshire, H
Chiang, V
Conkling, B
Cooper, A
Cox, J
Cubbage, F
DePerno, C
Devine, H
Dorgeloh, W
Dovorak, B
Dovrak, W
Dvorak, B
Dvorak, W
Frampton, J
Frampton, L
Frampton, P
Franklin, C
Franklin, E
Franklin, J
Frederick, D
Goldfarb, B
Goldgarb, B
Grand, L
Grecho, A
Gregory, J
Hain, F
Hassan, A
Hess, G
Hodge, G
Isik, F
James, A
Jett, J
Kellison, B
Kelting, D
Khorram, S
King, J
Kirkman, A
L Chiang, V
Lancia, R
Li, B
Love, C
McHale, M
Mckeand, S
Moorman, C
Mullan, K
Mullin, T
Nelson, S
Nichols, E
Nielsen, L
Noble, R
Noormets, A
Pattanayak, S
Payne, S
Peterson, M
Phelan, J
Prestemon, J
Robinson, D
Robison, D
Roe, C
Roise, J
Sederoff, R
Shear, T
Sillis, E
Sills, E
Smith, B
Stape, J
Steelman, T
Stomp, A
Sun, G
Warren, S
Wellman, D
Whetten, R
Whitten, R
Wilson, B
Winner, W

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