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Name of department : Food Science
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.12
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.33
Percentile within all departments : 31%
Course Name
FS 011 Int Nut Fd Safety
FS 022 Sanitation Fd Indu
FS 031 Food Cost Control
FS 042 Qual Cont Food Ind
FS 201 Food Science and the Consumer
FS 231 Food Engineering
FS 290 Preparing for Careers in Food Science
FS 295 Special Topics in Food Science
FS 301 Introduction to Human Nutrition
FS 322 Muscle Foods and Eggs
FS 324 Milk and Dairy Products
FS 330 Science of Food Preparation
FS 350 Introduction to HACCP
FS 351 Sanit Std Op_proc
FS 352 Intro Micro Fd Haz
FS 353 Good Manufac Prac
FS 354 Food Sanitation
FS 400 Principles of Human Nutrition
FS 402 Food Chemistry
FS 403 Food Analysis
FS 405 Food Microbiology
FS 406 Food Microbiology Lab
FS 407 Haz Anly Fd Safety
FS 416 Quality Control of Food Products
FS 421 Food Preservation
FS 425 Processing Dairy Products
FS 453 Food Laws and Regulations
FS 462 Postharvest Physiology
FS 475 Problems and Design in Food Science
FS 492 External Learning Experience
FS 493 Special Problems in Food Science
FS 495 Special Topics in Food Science
FS 520 Pre-Harvest Food Safety
FS 530 Post-Harvest Food Safety
FS 540 Food Safety and Public Health
FS 553 Food Laws and Regulations
FS 554 Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition
FS 555 Exercise Nutrition
FS 562 Postharv Physiolog
FS 567 Sensory Analysis
FS 580 Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety
FS 591 Special Problems In Food Science
FS 592 Special Research Projects in Food Science
FS 620 Special Problems In Food Science
FS 623 Special Research Problems In Food Science
FS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
FS 690 Master's Examination
FS 693 Master's Supervised Research
FS 695 Master's Thesis Research
FS 696 Summer Thesis Research
FS 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
FS 704 Food Proteins and Enzymes
FS 705 Physical and Chemical Properties Of Muscle Foods
FS 706 Vitamin Metabolism
FS 709 Food Lipids
FS 710 Food Lipids
FS 722 Microbial Food Safety
FS 725 Fermentation Microbiology
FS 730 Human Nutrition
FS 741 Thermal Processing of Foods
FS 751 Food Ingredient Technology In Product Development
FS 753 Food Laws and Regulations
FS 765 Polymer and Colloidal Properties of Foods
FS 780 Seminar In Food Science
FS 785 Food Rheology
FS 791 Special Problems in Food Science
FS 792 Special Research Projects in Food Science
FS 820 Special Problems In Food Science
FS 823 Special Research Problems In Food Science
FS 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
FS 890 Doctoral Preliminary Exam
FS 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
FS 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
FS 896 Summer Dissertation Research
FS 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Allen, J
Ash, S
Athariou, S
Blakenship, S
Blanenship, S
Blankenship, S
Boyd, L
Breidt, F
Carroll, D
Catiganai, G
Catignani, G
Curtis, P
Daubert, C
Drake, M
Farkas, B
Foegeding, E
Foegedomg, E
Green, D
Hansen, A
Hanson, D
Harris, G
Jaykus, L
Kathariou, S
Keener, K
Klaenhammer, T
Lanier, T
Lankship, S
Matsey, G
Mcfeeters, R
Mills, A
Rushing, J
Sandeep, K
Sanders, T
Sheldon, B
Simunovic, J
Sinumovic, J
Sinunovic, J
Trhong, D
Truong, D
Truong, V
Turner, L
Ward, D
Wilson, L

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