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Name of department : Honors
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.78
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.16
Percentile within all departments : 93%
Course Name
HON 101 Honors Colloquium I
HON 102 Honors Colloquium II
HON 201 Inquiry, Discovery, and the Arts
HON 202 Inquiry/discov Lit
HON 290 Honors Special Topics - History
HON 291 Honors Special Topics-Mathematics
HON 292 Honors Special Topics-Natural Sciences
HON 293 Honors Special Topics-Literature
HON 294 Honors Special Topics-Philosophy or Religion
HON 295 Honors Special Topics-Social Science
HON 296 Honors Special Topics-Science, Technology, Society-H&SS Perspective
HON 297 Honors Special Topics-Science, Technology, Society-Natural Sciences
HON 298 Honors Research/Independent Study
HON 299 Honors Special Topics - Visual and Performing Arts
HON 310 The Creative Process in Science: Realities, Comparisons, and Culture Perceptions
HON 321 Physics Of Music
HON 341 Time Travel
HON 342 Issues in Contemporary Religion
HON 351 Am Ideals/gl Persp
HON 362 Information Technology, Society, and Academic Research
HON 371 Environmental Science and Technology
HON 395 Honors Cooperative Education
HON 397 Honors Extension and Engagement
HON 398 Hon-Wash Dc Sem
HON 496 Honors Capstone Seminar
HON 498 Honors Research/Creative Project 1
HON 499 Honors Research/Creative Project 2
Ash, S
Baines, B
Baker, A
Baker, K
Balaban, J
Barlage, T
Bassett, R
Bigelow, A
Blackley, B
Blanton, R
Branoff, T
Bresciani, M
Bright, K
Bruck, R
Bykova, M
Caple, P
Carrol, J
Carroll, J
Ciccone, K
Clayton, P
Comstock, G
Cunningham, M
Curtis, P
French, A
Godwin, J
Greene, D
Grimwood, M
Henley, A
Hester, M
Hester, T
Holley, L
Hooker, D
Hubisz, J
Jaimes, H
Joffe, S
Kennedy, A
Kimberley, M
Kimberly, M
Koch, C
Koch, K
Kramer, J
Kriesberg, N
Leiter, J
Mackeathan, L
Mackethan, L
Makeathen, L
Malloy-hanley, E
May, L
Mcshane, K
Miller, N
Morillo, J
Newmark, C
Nielsen, L
Nolan-Stinson, J
Pierce, C
Robinson, J
Saxena, V
Scearce, J
Schecter, S
Shepard-bar, K
Shepherd-barr, K
Sooros, M
Soroos, M
Stclair, K
Stein, A
Stephen, R
Stiles, P
Taliaferro, J
Tavakoli, P
Thomson, R
Vanderbergh, J
Veale, C
Wall, J
Wiebe, E
Willis, L
Wood, D
Wyer, M

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