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Name of department : Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.89
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.54
Percentile within all departments : 16%
Course Name
MAE 206 Engineering Statics
MAE 208 Engineering Dynamics
MAE 261 Aerospace Vehicle Performance
MAE 301 Engineering Thermodynamics I
MAE 302 Engineering Thermodynamics II
MAE 304 Manufacturing Laboratory
MAE 305 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
MAE 306 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
MAE 308 Fluid Mechanics
MAE 310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals
MAE 314 Solid Mechanics
MAE 315 Dynamics of Machines
MAE 316 Strength of Mechanical Components
MAE 355 Aerodynamics I
MAE 356 Aerodynamics II
MAE 357 Experimental Aerodynamics I
MAE 358 Experimental Aerodynamics II
MAE 365 Propulsion I
MAE 371 Aerospace Structures I
MAE 403 Air Conditioning
MAE 404 Refrigeration
MAE 405 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory III
MAE 406 Energy Conservation in Industry
MAE 407 Steam and Gas Turbines
MAE 408 Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals
MAE 410 Convective Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
MAE 411 Machine Component Design
MAE 412 Design of Thermal System
MAE 415 Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design
MAE 416 Mechanical Engineering Design
MAE 421 Design of Solar Thermal Systems
MAE 435 Principles of Automatic Control
MAE 442 Automotive Engineering
MAE 452 Aerodynamics of V/STOL Vehicles
MAE 453 Introduction to Space Flight
MAE 455 Boundary Layer Theory
MAE 456 Computational Methods in Aerodynamics
MAE 461 Dynamics & Controls
MAE 462 Flight Vehicle Stability and Control
MAE 465 Propulsion II
MAE 466 Experimental Aerodynamics III
MAE 469 Controls Laboratory
MAE 472 Aerospace Structures II
MAE 473 Aerospace Vehicle Structures II Lab
MAE 475 Propulsion I
MAE 476 Rocket Propulsion
MAE 478 Aerospace Vehicle Design I
MAE 479 Aerospace Vehicle Design II
MAE 495 Special Topics in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 496 Undergraduate project Work in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 501 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics
MAE 503 Advanced Power Plants
MAE 504 Fluid Dynamics Of Combustion I
MAE 505 Heat Transfer Theory and Applications
MAE 510 Effects of Noise and Vibration on Man
MAE 513 Principles of Structural Vibration
MAE 514 Noise and Vibration Control
MAE 517 Instrumentation in Sound and Vibration Engineering
MAE 518 Acoustic Radiation I
MAE 521 Linear Control and Design For Mimo Systems
MAE 522 Real Time Digital Filtering and Control
MAE 524 Principles of Mechantronic Control
MAE 525 Advanced Flight Vehicle Stability and Control
MAE 526 Inertial Navigation Analysis and Design
MAE 527 Mechanics of Machinery
MAE 533 Finite Element Analysis I
MAE 534 Mechantronics Design
MAE 535 Design of Electromechanical Systems
MAE 537 Mechanics Of Composite Structures
MAE 540 Advanced Air Conditioning Design
MAE 541 Advanced Machine Design I
MAE 543 Fracture Mechanics
MAE 544 Real Time Robotics
MAE 545 Metrology For Precision Manufacturing
MAE 546 Photonic Sensor Applications in Structure
MAE 550 Foundations Of Fluid Dynamics
MAE 551 Airfoil Theory
MAE 552 Transonic Aerodynamics
MAE 553 Compressible Fluid Flow
MAE 554 Hypersonic Aerodynamics
MAE 555 Aerodynamic Heating
MAE 556 Mechanics Of Ideal Fluids
MAE 557 Dynamics Of Internal Fluid Flow
MAE 560 Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
MAE 561 Wing Theory
MAE 562 Physical Gas Dynamics
MAE 573 Hydrodynamic Stability and Transition
MAE 586 Project Work In Mechanical Engineering
MAE 589 Special Topics In Mechanical Engineering
MAE 601 Seminar
MAE 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
MAE 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
MAE 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
MAE 690 Master's Examination
MAE 693 Master's Supervised Research
MAE 695 Master's Thesis Research
MAE 696 Summer Thesis Research
MAE 699 Mechanical Engineering Research
MAE 702 Statistical Thermodynamics
MAE 704 Fluid Dynamics of Combustion II
MAE 707 Advanced Conductive Heat Transfer
MAE 708 Advanced Convective Heat Transfer
MAE 709 Advanced Radiative Heat Transfer
MAE 713 Analytical Methods In Structural Vibration
MAE 715 Nonlinear Vibrations
MAE 716 Random Vibration
MAE 717 Multivariable Linear Systems Theory
MAE 718 Acoustic Radiation II
MAE 720 Industrial Robotics
MAE 721 Robust Control
MAE 725 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics
MAE 726 Advanced Geophysical Fluid Mechanics
MAE 727 Computational Methods in Structural Vibration
MAE 730 Modem Plasticity
MAE 731 Materials Processing by Deformation
MAE 732 Fundamentals of Metal Machining Theory
MAE 734 Finite Element Analysis II
MAE 736 Photoelasticity
MAE 741 Advanced Machine Design II
MAE 742 Mechanical Design for Automated Assembly
MAE 766 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 768 Perturbation Method in Fluid Mechanics I
MAE 769 Perturbation Method in Fluid Mechanics II
MAE 770 Computation of Reacting Flows
MAE 774 Dynamics of Real Fluids I
MAE 775 Dynamics of Real Fluids II
MAE 776 Turbulence
MAE 777 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
MAE 778 Molecular Gas Dynamics I
MAE 779 Molecular Gas Dynamics II
MAE 782 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics & Control II
MAE 783 Space Flight Guidance and Navigation
MAE 789 Advanced Topics In Mechanical Engineering
MAE 801 Mechanical Engineering Seminar
MAE 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
MAE 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
MAE 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
MAE 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
MAE 896 Summer Dissertation Research
MAE 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Afify, E
Albers, L
Bahram, B
Bieber, C
Boles, M
Buckner, G
Cillie, J
Clements, T
Cleveland, T
Cooper, P
Corson, P
Davoodi, H
Dejarnette, F
Dow, T
Echekki, T
Eckerlin, H
Edson, D
Edwards, J
Eischen, J
Fang, T
Ferguson, S
Gilbert, T
Gonzalez, M
Gopalarathnam, A
Gould, R
Hall, C
Hankins, O
Hannen, J
Hassan, H
Heeter, C
Heinzen, S
Hodgins, M
Howard, A
Huang, H
Jiang, X
Johnson, R
Keltie, R
Kilonzo, O
Klang, E
Kleinstreuer, C
Kodal, A
Kumar Abhinavam Kail, R
Kuznetsov, A
Leach, J
Luo, H
Lyons, K
Ma, N
Mazzoleni, A
Mcrae, D
Nagel, R
Ngaile, G
Olson, T
Owen, S
Peters, K
Rabiei, A
Ramasubramani, M
Ramasubramanian, M
Ro, P
Roberts, W
Saveliev, A
Seelecke, S
Shih, A
Silverberg, L
Strenkowski, J
Terry, S
Tolliver, L
Tolson, R
Tran, C
Tu, J
Ward, T
Wu, F
Yuan, F
Zeng, T
Zhu, Y
Zikry, M
Zorowski, C

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