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Name of department : Microbiology
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.37
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.39
Percentile within all departments : 63%
Course Name
MB 103 Introductory Topics in Microbiology
MB 200 Microbiology and World Affairs
MB 211 Phage Genomics
MB 320 Fundamentals of Microbial Cell Culture
MB 351 General Microbiology
MB 352 General Microbiology Laboratory
MB 405 Food Microbiology
MB 406 Food Microbiology Lab
MB 409 Microbial Diversity
MB 411 Medical Microbiology
MB 412 Medical Microbiology Laboratory
MB 414 Microbial Metabolic Regulation
MB 420 Fundamentals of Microbial Cell Biotransformations
MB 451 Microbial Diversi
MB 455 Microbial Biotechnology
MB 461 Introduction to Molecular Virology
MB 480 Current Issues in Microbiology
MB 490 Seminar in Microbiology
MB 492 External Learning Experience
MB 493 Special Problems in Microbiology
MB 495 Special Topics in Microbiology
MB 501 Fungi and Their Interaction With Plants
MB 503 Bacteria and Their Interactions With Plants
MB 532 Soil Microbiology
MB 555 Protozoology
MB 575 Introduction to Mycology
MB 590 Topical Problems
MB 601 Seminar
MB 610 Special Topics Microbiology
MB 620 Special Problems
MB 624 Topical Problems
MB 670 Laboratory Research Methods
MB 680 Microbiology Research Presentations
MB 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
MB 686 Teaching Experience
MB 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
MB 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
MB 690 Master's Examination
MB 693 Master's Supervised Research
MB 695 Master's Thesis Research
MB 696 Summer Thesis Research
MB 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
MB 703 Microbial Diversity
MB 705 Biological Scanning Electron Microscopy
MB 710 Biological Transmission Electron Microscopy
MB 711 Ultramicrotomy For Life Sciences
MB 714 Microbial Metabolic Regulation
MB 718 Introductory Virology
MB 725 Fermentation Microbiology
MB 730 Fungal Genetics and Physiology
MB 735 Pathogenic Microbiology
MB 751 Immunology
MB 756 Immunogenetics
MB 758 Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
MB 760 Experimental Microbial Genetics
MB 771 Molecular Virology Of Animal Viruses
MB 774 Phycology
MB 775 The Fungi
MB 776 The Fungi - Lab
MB 783 Advanced Immunology
MB 790 Topical Problems
MB 801 Seminar
MB 810 Special Topics Microbiology
MB 820 Special Problems
MB 824 Topical Problems
MB 870 Doctoral Lab Rotations
MB 880 Doctoral Microbiology Research Presentations
MB 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
MB 886 Teaching Experience
MB 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
MB 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
MB 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
MB 896 Summer Dissertation Research
MB 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Bishop, P
Brown, J
Bruno-Barcena, J
Burkholder, J
Carson, S
Church, U
Dancy, J
Davis, R
Dobrogosz, W
Evans, M
Flickinger, M
G. Samanthi Kottegod, W
Grand, L
Grunden, A
Halsey, T
Hamer, L
Hamilton, P
Hassan, H
Hneeweis, S
Hyman, M
Johnson, E
Jordan, J
Kathariou, S
Keen, M
Klaenhammer, T
Knowlton, V
Lajara De Los Reyes, F
Laster, S
Libby, S
Luginbuhl, G
Mackenzie, J
Matthysse, A
Miller, E
Miller, J
Minnis, A
Mixon, G
Olson, J
Parks, L
Petty, I
Petty, T
Pittman, S
Schneeweis, T
Scholle, F
Sherry, B
Shi, W
Sikes, M
Stewart, M
Threadgill, D
Tonkonogy, S
Tuttle, A
Ying, Q

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