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Name of department : Multidisciplinary Studies
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.21
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.29
Percentile within all departments : 43%
Course Name
MDS 101 Introduction to University Education I
MDS 102 Introduction to University Education II
MDS 103 Images of the Future
MDS 104 The Experience and Interpretations of Freedom
MDS 105 A Systems Approach to the Universe
MDS 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
MDS 201 Environmental Ethics
MDS 210 Women and Gender In Science and Technology
MDS 211 Eating through American History
MDS 214 Technology and Values
MDS 220 Coastal and Ocean Frontiers
MDS 240 African Civilization
MDS 241 Introduction to African-American Studies II
MDS 251 The Arts of a World Capital: London
MDS 252 Vienna in 1900
MDS 257 Technology in the Arts
MDS 258 Mathematics and Models in Music
MDS 259 The Arts and Politics
MDS 260 Changing Paradigms
MDS 295 Special Topics in Multidisciplinary Studies
MDS 301 Science and Civilization
MDS 302 Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values
MDS 303 Humans and the Environment
MDS 304 Ethical Dimensions of Progress
MDS 305 Peace in the Global Village
MDS 306 Music Composition with Computers
MDS 310 Women's and Gender Studies Internship
MDS 320 Ethics in Engineering
MDS 322 Technological Catastrophes
MDS 323 World Population and Food Prospects
MDS 324 Alternative Futures
MDS 325 Bio-Medical Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry
MDS 326 Technology Assessment
MDS 327 Modern Art-Modern Literature: 1880-1980
MDS 328 Sexuality and Values
MDS 330 Black Popular Culture
MDS 340 Perspectives in Agricultural History
MDS 342 Introduction to the African Diaspora
MDS 343 African Religions
MDS 344 Leadership in African American Communities
MDS 345 Psychology and the African American Experience
MDS 346 Black Popular Culture
MDS 351 Arts, Ideas and Values
MDS 352 Dress, Style, and Change
MDS 353 Arts and Cross Cultural Contacts
MDS 401 The Contemporary City: Problems and Prospects
MDS 402 Peace and War in the Nuclear Age
MDS 403 Seminar in Technology and Society
MDS 405 Technology and American Culture
MDS 406 Conservation of Biological Diversity
MDS 409 Black Political Participation in America
MDS 410 Toxic Substances and Society
MDS 412 Entering the 21st Century:Agricultural,Technological & Environmental Perspective
MDS 414 Textiles and Society
MDS 415 Peruvian Amazon Ecology and Ethnology
MDS 442 Issues in the African Diaspora
MDS 451 The Practice of Science and the Arts
MDS 484 Cross Cultural Technology Transfer
MDS 485 History of American Technology
MDS 490 Issues in Science, Technology, and Society
MDS 492 Theoretical Issues in Women's and Gender Studies
MDS 493 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
MDS 494 Topics in Arts Studies
MDS 495 Special Topics in Multidisciplinary Studies
MDS 496 Topics in Film and Interdisciplinary Studies
MDS 497 Topics in African-American Studies
MDS 498 Independent Study in Multidisciplinary Studies
MDS 515 Peruvian Amazon Ecology and Ethnology
MDS 595 Special Topics in Multidisciplinary Studies
MDS 610 Special Topics in Multidisciplinary Studies
MDS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
Allen, B
Alson-mills, B
Alston-mill, B
Alston-mills, B
Arnold, A
Artis, F
Ash, S
Ashanti, K
Atkin, A
Banini, A
Bassett, R
Beckman, D
Bonham, J
Brandt, S
Branker, C
Brookins, C
Brown, L
Caple, P
Chafin, C
Chapin, C
Christopher, C
Clark, C
Clark, L
Clark, W
Clayton, P
Crossland, C
Crumbley, D
Dixon-saxon, S
Doorn, M
Doxey, T
Earnshaw, K
Easley, T
Edwards, T
Ehrhardt, G
Elkan, G
Filchner, D
Fitzgerald, P
Gainey, M
Gomez, J
Gonzalez, L
Graham, D
Graham, F
Greene, D
Hamlett, P
Hamlette, P
Hankins, G
Harrington, V
Harwood, K
Hauschild, K
Hawkinmorton, J
Hawkins-mort, J
Hawkinsmorton, J
Hayes, F
Herkert, J
Hill, W
Hoffman, R
Howard, J
Hunt, A
Jankowski, E
Jordan, W
Kambon, K
Kimbrough, C
Kimler, W
Korte, C
Kramer, J
Kreisberg, N
Kriesberg, H
Kriesberg, N
Lamb, S
Leach, M
Malloy-hanley, E
Maney, J
Mclaughlin, L
Mclean, C
Miller, N
Mills, A
Morrison, J
Moses, I
Moses, M
Moses, P
Motley, M
Mykyta, L
Odom, J
Orgenron, D
Orgeron, D
Orgeron, M
Outing, K
Ozturk, H
Patterson, R
Pierce, C
Pond, S
Powell, K
Pramaggiore, M
R watts, T
Riddle, J
Sawyer, K
Simpson, M
Smith, A
Smith, G
Soloman, B
Spence, L
Stalnaker, C
Stephen, R
Stonehouse, C
Tavakoli, P
Tetro, M
Ugbaja, A
Veale, C
Warren, C
Warren, S
Waschka, R
Watts, T
Wellman, D
White, M
Wical, G
Wical, J
Wiggins, M
Wiggins, T
Wyer, M
Yamamoto, Y

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