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Name of department : Marine, Earth, And Atmospheric Sciences
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.99
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.36
Percentile within all departments : 22%
Course Name
MEA 100 Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections
MEA 101 Geology I: Physical
MEA 102 Geology II: Historical
MEA 110 Geology I Laboratory
MEA 111 Geology II Laboratory
MEA 120 The Dinosaurian World
MEA 121 The Dinosaurian World Lab
MEA 130 Introduction to Weather and Climate
MEA 135 Introduction to Weather and Climate Laboratory
MEA 140 Natural Hazards and Global Change
MEA 150 Env Iss Water Res
MEA 200 Introduction to Oceanography
MEA 202 Geology Ii Histor
MEA 210 Oceanography Lab
MEA 211 Geology Ii Laborat
MEA 213 Fundamentals of Meteorology
MEA 214 Fundamentals of Meteorology II
MEA 220 Marine Biology
MEA 250 Introduction to Coastal Environments
MEA 251 Introduction to Coastal Environments Laboratory
MEA 268 Marine Paleontology
MEA 300 Environmental Geology
MEA 311 The Global Atmosphere
MEA 312 Atmospheric Thermodynamics
MEA 313 Weather Measurements and Analysis I
MEA 314 Weather Measurements and Analysis II
MEA 320 Fundamentals of Air Pollution
MEA 323 Earth System Chemistry
MEA 330 Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy
MEA 369 Terrestrial Paleontology
MEA 384 Paleoecology
MEA 400 Earth Systems Simulation Modeling
MEA 405 Climatological Data Analysis
MEA 410 Introduction to Geologic Materials
MEA 411 Marine Sediment Transport
MEA 412 Atmospheric Physics
MEA 415 Geology of Economic Mineral Deposits
MEA 417 Geology of Fossil Fuel Deposits
MEA 421 Atmospheric Dynamics I
MEA 422 Atmospheric Dynamics II
MEA 430 Scientific Concepts and Global Problems
MEA 433 Forensic Geology
MEA 435 Engineering Geology
MEA 440 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
MEA 443 Weather Analysis and Forecasting I
MEA 444 Weather Analysis and Forecasting II
MEA 449 Prin Biol Oc
MEA 450 Introductory Sedimentary Petrology/Stratigraphy
MEA 451 Structural Geology
MEA 454 Mar Phy-Bio Inter
MEA 455 Micrometeorology
MEA 456 Air Quality
MEA 459 Field Investigation of Coastal Processes
MEA 460 Principles of Physical Oceanography
MEA 461 Undergraduate Cruise Experience
MEA 462 Observational Methods and Data Analysis in Marine Physics
MEA 463 Fluid Physics
MEA 464 Ocean Circulation Systems
MEA 465 Geologic Field Camp I
MEA 466 Geologic Field Camp II
MEA 467 Marine Meteorology
MEA 468 Invertebrate Paleontology and Biostratigraphy
MEA 469 Ecology of coastal Resources
MEA 470 Introduction to Geophysics
MEA 471 Exploration and Engineering Geophysics
MEA 473 Principles of Chemical Oceanography
MEA 479 Air Quality
MEA 481 Principles of Geomorphology
MEA 491 Seminar on Selected Geologic Topics
MEA 493 Special Topics in MEAS
MEA 495 Senior Seminar in the Marine Sciences
MEA 498 Internship in MEAS
MEA 510 Air Pollution Meteorology
MEA 512 Satellite Meteorology
MEA 513 Radar Meteorology
MEA 514 Advanced Physical Meteorology
MEA 540 Principles of Physical Oceanography
MEA 549 Biol Oceanog
MEA 550 Principles of Biological Oceanography
MEA 551 Marine Physical-Biological Interactions
MEA 554 Mar Phy-Bio Inter
MEA 560 Chemical Oceanography
MEA 562 Marine Sediment Transport
MEA 570 Geological Oceanography
MEA 573 Prin Chem Ocean
MEA 574 Advanced Igneous Petrology
MEA 575 Advanced Metamorphic Petrology
MEA 576 Applied Sedimentary Analysis
MEA 577 Electron Microprobe Analysis of Geologic Material
MEA 578 Depositional Environments and Lithostratigraphy
MEA 579 Principles of Air Quality Engineering
MEA 580 Air Quality Modeling and Forecasting
MEA 582 Geospatial Modeling and Analysis
MEA 585 Physical Hydrogeology
MEA 591 Special Topics in Marine Science
MEA 592 Special Topics in Earth Sciences
MEA 593 Special Topics in Atmospheric Science
MEA 599 Regional Geology of North America
MEA 601 Seminar
MEA 611 Special Topics in Marine Sciences
MEA 612 Special Topics in Earth Sciences
MEA 613 Special Topics Atmospheric Sciences
MEA 615 Graduate At-Sea Laboratory
MEA 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
MEA 690 Master's Examination
MEA 693 Master's Supervised Research
MEA 695 Master's Thesis Research
MEA 696 Summer Thesis Research
MEA 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
MEA 700 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
MEA 702 Advanced Cloud and Precipitation Physics
MEA 703 Atmospheric Aerosols
MEA 705 Dynamic Meteorology
MEA 706 Meterology of the Biosphere
MEA 707 Planetary Boundary Layer
MEA 708 Atmospheric Turbulence
MEA 710 Atmospheric Dispersion
MEA 712 Mesoscale Modeling
MEA 713 Mesoscale Dynamics
MEA 714 Atmospheric Convection
MEA 715 Dynamics of Mesoscale Precipitation System
MEA 716 Numerical Weather Prediction
MEA 717 Advanced Weather Analysis
MEA 719 Climate Modeling
MEA 720 Coastal Meteorology
MEA 721 Air-Sea Interaction
MEA 725 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics
MEA 726 Advanced Geophysical Fluid Mechanics
MEA 735 Fourier Analysis of Geophysical Data
MEA 741 Synpotic Physical Oceanography
MEA 742 Gravity Wave Theory I
MEA 743 Ocean Circulation
MEA 744 Dynamics of Shelf Circulation
MEA 745 The Physical Dynamics Of Estuaries
MEA 750 Marine Benthic Ecology
MEA 752 Marine Plankton Ecology
MEA 754 Advances in Marine Community Ecology
MEA 756 Ecology of Fishes
MEA 758 Laboratory and Field Methods for Investigation Of the Seabed
MEA 759 Organic Geochemistry
MEA 760 Biogeochemistry
MEA 762 Marine Geochemistry
MEA 763 Geochemistry
MEA 764 Sedimentary Geochemistry
MEA 767 Continental Margin Sedimentation
MEA 768 Perturbation Method In Fluid Mechanics I
MEA 769 Perturbation Method In Fluid Mechanics II
MEA 779 Advanced Air Quality
MEA 785 Chemical Hydrogeology
MEA 788 Advanced Structural Geology
MEA 789 Topics In Appalachian Geology
MEA 790 Geotectonics
MEA 791 Advanced Special Topics in Marine Science
MEA 792 Advanced Special Topics in Earth Sciences
MEA 793 Advanced Special Topics in Atmospheric Science
MEA 794 Regional Tectonics
MEA 795 Photogeology and Remote Sensing
MEA 796 Exploration And Engineering Geophysics
MEA 801 Seminar
MEA 810 Special Topics
MEA 811 Special Topics in Marine Sciences
MEA 812 Special Topics in Earth Sciences
MEA 813 Special Topics in Atmospheric Sciences
MEA 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
MEA 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
MEA 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
MEA 896 Summer Dissertation Research
MEA 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Aiyyer, A
Allen, J
Almquist, K
Aneja, C
Aneja, V
Appel, W
Arkinson, H
Arya, S
Azzolina, M
Bailey, C
Barbee, N
Barnard, W
Barrick, R
Barrios, A
Bartlett, J
Belcher, L
Bell, G
Blair, N
Blunden, J
Bohnenstiehl, D
Boles, Z
Borkowski, M
Bowden, J
Bowman, J
Box, G
Boyles, R
Brame, B
Bright, R
Brown, Z
Bruck, R
Bucci, J
Bulau, J
Button, L
Cadena, E
Caldwell, R
Carbonell, D
Carey, J
Carey, L
Carter, B
Cavaroc, V
Cerjak, J
Childs, P
Church, D
Clarke, J
Cook, K
Costa, K
Coulson, A
Crabbe, C
Criscio, J
Croke, M
Cudaback, C
Currin, M
Czajka, C
Czajka, D
Darcy, M
Davis, J
Davis, N
Decherd, S
Deighan, D
Demaster, D
Denson, L
Drake, T
Eager, R
Eder, B
Eggleston, D
Etherington, L
Fodor, R
Fountain, J
Fuemmeler, S
Gallen, S
Garlington, C
Genereux, D
Gidley, S
Gilliam, R
Gilmore, C
Gilmore, L
Gordon, B
Green, J
Green, T
Gull, S
Haglund, N
Hamilton, C
Hamrick, D
Hare, J
Harned, S
Haynes, E
He, R
Hemperly, J
Hendrix, B
Hibbard, J
Hilderbrand, D
Hill, K
Hoggarth, A
Holmes, J
Hopkins, A
Hopkins, T
Huffman, A
Hughes, K
Hunt, M
Janowitz, G
Johnson, M
Jones, T
Kamykowski, D
Kaplan, M
Keller, M
Kellison, G
Kennedy, C
Kennedy, S
Kiefer, M
Kimbeley, M
Kimberley, M
Knowles, C
Konarik, S
Ksepka, D
Lackmann, G
Lamb, J
Leahy, S
Leithold, E
Letkewicz, C
Levin, D
Lewis, R
Lillis, A
Lin, Y
Liu, J
Liu, P
Love, R
Lux, K
Lyda, A
Lyons, N
Maas, J
Matsubara, Y
Mccarter, R
McConnell, D
Mccormick, T
Mcdade, T
Mckay, L
Mcparland, M
Melvin, R
Meskhidze, N
Miller, K
Miller, M
Miller, S
Missell, C
Mitasova, H
Modrak, M
Molina, J
Morrison, J
Munoz, M
Nadeau, D
Nelson, D
Nelson, J
Newell, A
Nieuwenhuis, B
Niewenhuis, B
Niyogi, D
O'Connor, J
Occhipinti, C
Osburn, C
Page, E
Pal Arya, S
Palmer, J
Parker, M
Parkins, G
Parodi, A
Parsons, D
Patchus, R
Peeler, K
Perkey, D
Petters, J
Petters, M
Phillips, G
Phillips, S
Pierson, K
Pietrafesa, L
Pollock, J
Price, P
Proctor, H
Puryear, M
Queen, A
Qureshi, A
Raman, S
Rebach, S
Reeves, H
Reyns, N
Riddle, E
Rider, S
Rindone, R
Ringley, C
Riordan, A
Riordann, A
Robertson, K
Robinson, W
Rojowsky, K
Ross, K
Rumsey, I
Rushing, W
Russell, D
Russell, P
Sabolis, A
Saxena, V
Schaeffer, B
Schweitzer, M
Searcy, S
Semazzi, F
Semunegus, H
Shaw, P
Showers, W
Sims, A
Sinclair, G
Skelton, H
Slusser, S
Smith, B
Smith, J
Smith, K
Snyder, S
Spence, L
Standard, I
Stoddard, E
Straight, W
Strickler, M
Suda, S
Switzer, A
Thomas, C
Thurman, J
Usry, B
Velozzi, D
Vincent, B
Walsh, B
Warren, K
Watson, G
Weaver, K
Webb, M
Whitley, J
Willison, J
Witcraft, N
Witt, A
Wolcott, D
Wolcott, T
Xie, L
Yuter, S
Zhang, Y

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