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Name of department : Materials Science And Engineering
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
MSE 200 Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials
MSE 201 Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
MSE 203 Introduction to the Materials Science of Biomaterials
MSE 210 Materials Characterization Laboratory
MSE 225 Chemistry of Polymeric Materials
MSE 230 The Impact of Materials on Civilization
MSE 255 Experimental Methods for Structural Analysis of Materials
MSE 260 Mathematical Methods for Materials Engineers
MSE 270 Materials Science and Engineering Seminar
MSE 301 Equilibrium and Rate Processes
MSE 310 Computer Applications for Materials Engineering
MSE 321 Phase Transformations and Diffusion
MSE 324 Polymer Characterization Laboratory
MSE 330 Crystal Chemistry and Phase Equilibria
MSE 331 Electronic Properties of Materials
MSE 333 Electronic Properties Laboratory
MSE 350 Mechanical Properties of Materials I
MSE 355 Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Materials
MSE 360 Kinetic Processes in Materials
MSE 370 Microstructure of Inorganic Materials
MSE 380 Microstructure of Organic Materials
MSE 409 Nuclear Materials
MSE 423 Introduction to Materials Engineering Design
MSE 424 Materials Science and Engineering Design Project
MSE 425 Introduction to Polymeric Materials
MSE 430 Physical Metallurgy Laboratory
MSE 431 Physical Metallurgy I
MSE 434 Ceramic Engineering Laboratory
MSE 435 Physical Ceramics
MSE 440 Processing of Metallic Materials
MSE 445 Ceramic Processing
MSE 450 Mechanical Properties of Materials II
MSE 455 Polymer Technology and Engineering
MSE 456 Composite Materials
MSE 460 Microelectronic Materials
MSE 470 Matherials Science and Engineering Senior Design Project
MSE 490 Special Topics in Materials Engineering
MSE 491 Materials Engineering Seminar
MSE 495 Materials Engineering Projects
MSE 500 Modern Concepts in Materials Science
MSE 509 Nuclear Materials
MSE 531 Physical Metallurgy
MSE 540 Processing of Metallic Materials
MSE 545 Ceramic Processing
MSE 555 Polymer Technology and Engineering
MSE 556 Composite Materials
MSE 560 Microelectronic Materials Science and Technology
MSE 561 Organic Chemistry Of Polymers
MSE 575 Polymer Technology and engineering
MSE 576 Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts
MSE 577 Technology Evaluation and Strategy
MSE 578 High Technology Entrepreneurship
MSE 601 Seminar
MSE 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
MSE 690 Master's Examination
MSE 693 Master's Supervised Research
MSE 695 Master's Thesis Research
MSE 696 Summer Thesis Research
MSE 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
MSE 701 Diffusion and Mass Transport Processes in Solids
MSE 702 Defects In Solids
MSE 704 Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
MSE 705 Mechanical Behavior Of Engineering Materials
MSE 706 Phase Transformations and Kinetics
MSE 707 Chemical Concepts In Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 708 Thermodynamics Of Materials
MSE 710 Elements Of Crystallography and Diffraction
MSE 711 Stereology and Image Analysis
MSE 712 Scanning Electron Microscopy
MSE 715 Fundamentals Of Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSE 720 Advanced Crystallography and Diffraction
MSE 721 Theory and Structure Of Amorphous Materials
MSE 722 Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy and Surface Analysis
MSE 723 Theory and Structure Of Metallic Materials
MSE 731 Materials Processing by Deformation
MSE 732 Fundamentals of Metal Machining Theory
MSE 733 Advanced Ceramic Engineering Design
MSE 741 Principles of Corrosion
MSE 751 Thin Film and Coating Science and Technology I
MSE 752 Thin Film and Coating Science and Technology II
MSE 753 Advanced Mechanical Properties of Materials
MSE 760 Materials Science in Processing of Semiconductor Devices
MSE 761 Polymer Blends and Alloys
MSE 762 Physical Chemistry of High Polymers-Bulk Properties
MSE 763 Characterization of Structure of Fiber Forming Polymers
MSE 770 Defects, Diffusion and Ion Implantation In Semiconductors
MSE 772 Physical Chemistry of High Polymers--Solution Properties
MSE 773 Computer Experiments in Materials and Nuclear Engineering
MSE 775 Structure of Semicrystalline Polymers
MSE 791 Advanced Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 792 Advanced Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 795 Advanced Materials Experiments
MSE 801 Seminar
MSE 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
MSE 890 Doctoral Preliminary Exam
MSE 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
MSE 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
MSE 896 Summer Dissertation Research
MSE 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Baker, E
Balik, C
Balik, M
Benson, R
Bowan, M
Brenner, D
Cuomo, J
Dawes, K
Duscher, G
El masry, N
El-masry, N
Ell, M
Elmasry, N
Fahmy, A
Hare, T
Hren, J
Irving, D
Johnson, M
Kasichainula, J
Kasichainula, S
Kingon, A
Koch, C
Krause, W
Luo, T
Mackenzie, J
Manich, N
Maria, J
Melechko, A
Mueller, S
Murty, K
Narayan, J
Nemanich, R
P maria, J
Rawdanowicz, T
Reynolds, L
Reynolds Jr, C
Rigsbee, J
Rigsbee, M
Rozgonyi, G
Russell, P
Russell, R
Scattergood, R
Sitar, Z
Spontak, R
Tonelli, A
Yingling, Y
Zhu, Y

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