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Name of department : Music
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.33
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.45
Percentile within all departments : 59%
Course Name
MUS 100 Instrumental Music
MUS 101 Beginning Class Piano I
MUS 102 Beginning Class Piano II
MUS 103 Music Theory I
MUS 104 Aural Skills 1
MUS 107 Class Piano 1
MUS 110 Choral Music
MUS 112 Men's Choir
MUS 113 Women's Choir
MUS 115 State Chorale
MUS 120 Rudiments of Music
MUS 121 Raleigh Civic Symphony
MUS 122 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 132 Varsity Band
MUS 134 Wind Ensemble
MUS 140 Jazz Improvisation
MUS 141 Jazz Combo 2
MUS 142 Jazz Ensemble 2
MUS 143 Jazz Combo 1
MUS 144 Jazz Ensemble 1
MUS 150 Vocal Techniques
MUS 152 Pipes and Drums
MUS 160 Basic Conducting
MUS 180 Introduction to Musical Experiences
MUS 181 Exploring Music Theory
MUS 200 Understanding Music
MUS 201 Introduction to Music Literature I
MUS 202 Introduction to Music Literature II
MUS 203 Music Theory 2
MUS 204 Aural Skills 2
MUS 206 America's Music
MUS 207 Class Piano 2
MUS 230 Introduction to African-American Music
MUS 260 History of Jazz
MUS 300 Chamber Music Performance
MUS 301 Basic Music Theory I
MUS 302 Basic Music Theory II
MUS 305 Music Composition
MUS 306 Music Composition with Computers
MUS 310 Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries
MUS 315 Music of 19th Century Europe
MUS 320 Music of the Twentieth Century
MUS 330 Music Drama
MUS 335 Choral Literature
MUS 340 The Symphony Orchestra and Its Music
MUS 345 Keyboard History and Literature
MUS 350 World Music I: Music of Asia
MUS 351 World Music II: Music of Africa and the Americas
MUS 360 Women In Music
MUS 390 Applied Music
MUS 493 Recital
MUS 495 Special Topics in Music
MUS 498 Independent Study in Music
Abee, S
Arnold, A
Craver, C
Entzi, J
Foreman, R
Foy, R
Fuller, J
Garcia, P
Gelb, G
Greene, D
Kleiankina, O
Koch, T
Kramer, J
Leaf, N
Lynch, M
Meder, R
Moore, S
Parker, J
Petters, R
Sprague, J
Turner, K
Vogel, P
Ward, E
Waschka, R
Weiss, W
Weisser, W

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