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Name of department : Nuclear Engineering
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.82
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.4
Percentile within all departments : 10%
Course Name
NE 201 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
NE 202 Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy
NE 235 Nuclear Reactor Operations Training
NE 301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
NE 302 Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion
NE 400 Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion
NE 401 Reactor Analysis and Design
NE 402 Reactor Engineering
NE 403 Nuclear Engineering Design Projects
NE 404 Radiation Safety and Shielding
NE 405 Reactor Systems
NE 408 Nuclear Engineering Design Project
NE 409 Nuclear Materials
NE 412 Nuclear Fuel Cycles
NE 414 Electromagnetism I
NE 415 Electromagnetism II
NE 418 Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation
NE 419 Introduction to Nuclear Energy
NE 485 Management of Hazardous Chemical and Radioactive Wastes
NE 491 Special Topics in Nuclear Engineering
NE 500 Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion
NE 502 Reactor Engineering
NE 504 Radiation Safety and Shielding
NE 505 Reactor Systems
NE 509 Nuclear Materials
NE 511 Nuclear Physics For Engineers
NE 512 Nuclear Fuel Cycles
NE 520 Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals
NE 528 Introduction to Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy
NE 531 Nuclear Waste Management
NE 585 Management of Hazardous Chemical and Radioactive Wastes
NE 591 Special Topics In Nuclear Engineering I
NE 592 Special Topics In Nuclear Engineering II
NE 601 Seminar
NE 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
NE 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
NE 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
NE 690 Master's Examination
NE 693 Master's Supervised Research
NE 695 Master's Thesis Research
NE 696 Summer Thesis Research
NE 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
NE 721 Nuclear Laboratory Fundamentals
NE 722 Reactor Dynamics and Control
NE 723 Reactor Analysis
NE 724 Reactor Heat Transfer
NE 726 Radioisotopes Measurement Applications
NE 727 Nuclear Engineering Analysis
NE 729 Reactor Theory and Analysis
NE 730 Radiological Assessment
NE 732 Principles of Industrial Plasmas
NE 740 Laboratory Projects In Nuclear Engineering
NE 745 Plasma Laboratory
NE 746 Fusion Energy Engineering
NE 751 Nuclear Reactor Design Calculations
NE 752 Thermal Hydraulic Design Calculations
NE 753 Reactor Kinetics and Control
NE 755 Reactor Theory and Analysis
NE 757 Radiation Effects On Materials
NE 761 Radiation Detection
NE 762 Radioisotope Applications
NE 770 Nuclear Radiation Attenuation
NE 771 Advanced Nuclear Waste Management
NE 772 Environmental Exposure and Risk Analysis
NE 773 Computer Experiments In Materials and Nuclear Engineering
NE 777 Exact and Approximate Solutions In Particle Transport Theory
NE 780 Magnetohydrodynamics & Transport in Plasmas
NE 781 Kinetic Theory, Waves, & Non-Linear Effects in Plasmas
NE 795 Advanced Topics In Nuclear Engineering I
NE 796 Advanced Topics In Nuclear Engineering II
NE 801 Seminar
NE 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
NE 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
NE 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
NE 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
NE 896 Summer Dissertation Research
NE 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Abdel Khalik, H
Anistratov, D
Azmy, Y
Bouham, M
Bourham, M
Doster, J
Eapen, J
Frey, H
Gardner, R
Gilligan, J
Gradner, R
Hankins, E
Hankins, O
Hawari, A
Lassell, S
Mayo, C
Mayo, R
Murty, K
Shannon, S
Turin, P
Turinsky, P
Verghese, K
Wehring, B
Yim, M

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