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Name of department : Natural Resources
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.47
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.28
Percentile within all departments : 73%
Course Name
NR 100 Introduction to Natural Resources
NR 300 Natural Resource Measurements
NR 301 Practicum for Professional Development I
NR 303 Humans & The Envir
NR 360 Internship Experience
NR 400 Natural Resource Management
NR 401 Practicum for Professional Development II
NR 406 Cons Bio Diversity
NR 420 Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology
NR 421 Wetland Assessment, Delineation and Regulation
NR 484 Environmental Impact Assessment
NR 491 Special Topics in Forestry and Related Natural Resources
NR 500 Natural Resource Management
NR 520 Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology
NR 521 Wetland Assessment, Delineation, and Regulation
NR 531 Introduction to Geographic Information Science
NR 532 Principles of Geographic Information Science
NR 533 Application Issues In Geographic Information Systems
NR 535 Computer Cartography
NR 536 Intro Vb For Gis
NR 571 Current Issues in Natural Resource Policy
NR 595 Special Topics in Natural Resources
NR 601 Graduate Seminar
NR 610 Special Topics in Natural Resources
NR 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
NR 690 Master's Examination
NR 693 Master's Supervised Research
NR 695 Master's Thesis Research
NR 696 Summer Thesis Research
NR 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
Abt, B
Abt, R
Allen, L
Anderson, D
Aneja, V
Arnold Nelson, S
Attarian, A
Baran, P
Bennett, J
Blank, G
Braham, R
Bruck, B
Bruck, R
Bullock, B
Catts, G
Cheshire, H
Chesire, H
Chiang, V
Colson, T
Cubbage, F
Devine, H
Dvorak, W
Fels, J
Floyd, M
Frampton, J
Frampton, L
Franklin, C
Frederick, D
Goldfarb, B
Gregory, J
Gustke, L
Hassan, A
Hess, G
Hodge, G
Isik, F
James, A
Jett, J
Kellison, B
Khorram, S
Lancia, R
Leung, Y
Li, B
Mckeand, S
Moore, R
Moorman, C
Nelson, S
Nichols, E
Nielsen, L
Olsson, M
Payne, S
Peel, J
Peterson, M
Robison, D
Roise, J
Sederoff, R
Shear, T
Siderelis, C
Sills, E
Stallings, C
Steelman, T
Stellman, T
Stomp, A
Tateosian, L
Warren, S
Wellman, D
Wilson, B
Winner, W
Yamamoto, Y

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