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Name of department : Public Administration
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.52
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.21
Percentile within all departments : 78%
Course Name
PA 332 Human Resource Management in Public Sector
PA 501 Effective Writing for Public Managers
PA 507 The Public Policy Process
PA 508 Government & Public Administration
PA 509 Applied Political Economy
PA 510 Ethics and Professional Practice
PA 511 Public Policy Analysis
PA 512 The Budgetary Process
PA 513 Public Organization Behavior
PA 514 Management Systems
PA 515 Research Methods and Analysis
PA 520 Seminar in Urban Management
PA 521 Government and Planning
PA 522 Intergovernmental Relations in the United States
PA 523 Municipal Law
PA 525 Organization Design
PA 530 Financial Management in the Public Sector
PA 531 Seminar in Public Personnel Management
PA 532 Collective Negotiations in the Public Service
PA 535 Team Building for Public Managers
PA 536 Management of NonProfit Organizations
PA 537 Association Management
PA 538 Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management
PA 539 Fund Development
PA 540 Computer Applications in Public Affairs
PA 541 Geographic Information Systems for Public Administration
PA 542 Public Information Technology
PA 543 E-Government
PA 545 Administrative Law
PA 546 Seminar in program Evaluation
PA 550 Environmental Policy
PA 555 Administration of Criminal Justice
PA 580 Independent Study
PA 598 Special Topics in Public Administration
PA 601 Public Communic
PA 602 Oral Presentations for Public Managers
PA 610 Special Topics in Public Administration
PA 635 Readings and Research
PA 640 Grantwriting
PA 650 Internship in Public Affairs
PA 651 Internship in Public Affairs
PA 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
PA 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration
PA 696 Summer Thesis Res
PA 701 Politics and Ethics of Public Administration
PA 715 Quantitative Policy Analysis
PA 716 Seminar in Program Evaluation
PA 721 Environmental Administration
PA 761 Foundation of Public Administration
PA 762 Public Organization Theory
PA 763 Public Policy Process
PA 764 Budgeting and Financial Management
PA 765 Quantitative Research in Public Administration
PA 766 Advanced Research Methodology
PA 770 Contemporary Public Management
PA 771 Seminar on Nonprofit Organizations
PA 780 Independent Study
PA 798 Pa & Policy Topics
PA 803 Adv Resrch Design
PA 810 Special Topics in Public Administration
PA 835 Readings and Research
PA 850 Internship in Public Affairs
PA 851 Internship in Public Affairs
PA 860 Public Management Computing Lab
PA 880 Directed Study
PA 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
PA 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
PA 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
PA 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
PA 896 Summer Dissertation Research
PA 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Appling-Biel, T
Atlas, M
Birkland, T
Bosworth, R
Braun, E
Brunet, J
Bruton, S
Clerkin, R
Coe, C
Coggburn, J
Daley, D
Darnall, N
Davis, J
Dimock, M
Garson, D
Garson, G
Gerlach, D
Greene, S
Helmlinger Ratcliff, T
Kearney, R
Little, T
Lowder, M
Lyons, P
Manova, R
Mcdaniel, J
Miller, E
Nowell, B
O'Sullivan, E
O'sullivan, E
O'sullivan, L
Orton, S
Osullivan, E
Peebles, R
Regan, E
Reider, M
Reuter, D
Reuter, H
Rogers, M
Shah, S
Stephen, R
Straus, S
Svara, J
Swiss, J
Taylor, A
Tschirhart, M
Vasu, M
Weinstein, M
Weisel, D
Wooward, D

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