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Name of department : Plant Biology
Average GPA of courses in department :
Std. dev. of courses in department :
Percentile within all departments : %
Course Name
PB 101 Perspectives on Botany
PB 200 Plant Life
PB 213 Plants and Civilization
PB 220 Local Flora
PB 250 Plant Biology
PB 295 Special Topics in Botany
PB 321 Introduction to Whole Plant Physiology
PB 330 Evolutionary Biology
PB 414 Cell Biology
PB 480 Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
PB 492 External Learning Experience
PB 493 SP Problems in BO
PB 495 Special Topics in Botany
PB 595 Special Topics Botany
PB 601 Botany Seminar
PB 620 Special Problems In Botany
PB 624 Topical Problems
PB 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
PB 688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration
PB 689 Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full Time Registration
PB 690 Master's Examination
PB 693 Master's Supervised Research
PB 695 Master's Thesis Research
PB 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
PB 751 Advanced Plant Physiology I
PB 774 Phycology
PB 795 Special Topics Botany
PB 801 Seminar
PB 820 Special Problems
PB 824 Topical Problems
PB 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
PB 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
PB 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
PB 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
PB 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Bagherzadi, L
Beckmann, R
Blanton, R
Boss, W
Boston, R
Brown, C
Burkholder, J
Daub, M
Derosier, D
Feng, C
Grinnan, R
Haigler, C
Hines, K
Hoffmann, W
Iglhaut, K
Inge Sederoff, H
Johnson, M
Jordan, C
Krings, A
Lomax, T
Martin, L
Mickle, J
Pierce, M
Riddley, A
Robertson, D
Stucky, J
Thakor, B
Thompson, W
Wentworth, T
Wines, A
Xiang, Q
Xie, D

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