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Name of department : Philosophy (also See Religion)
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.72
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.18
Percentile within all departments : 4%
Course Name
PHI 205 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 214 Issues Bus Ethics
PHI 221 Contemp Moral Issu
PHI 250 Practical Reasoning
PHI 275 Ethics
PHI 298 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHI 300 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHI 301 Early Modern Philosophy
PHI 302 19th Century Philosophy
PHI 305 Philosophy of Religion
PHI 306 Philosophy of Art
PHI 309 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHI 310 Existentialism
PHI 311 Philosophical Issues in Medical Ethics
PHI 312 Philosophy of Law
PHI 313 Ethical Problems in the Law
PHI 314 Issues in Business Ethics
PHI 321 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHI 322 Philosophical Issues in Environmental Ethics
PHI 325 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHI 330 Metaphysics
PHI 331 Philosophy of Language
PHI 332 Philosophy of Psychology
PHI 333 Theory of Knowledge
PHI 340 Philosophy of Science
PHI 375 Ethics
PHI 376 History of Ethics
PHI 415 Life Science Ethics
PHI 420 Global Justice
PHI 422 Phi Iss Env Ethics
PHI 425 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PHI 440 The Scientific Method
PHI 445 Phil Of Biology
PHI 447 Philosophy, Evolution and Human Nature
PHI 450 Software and the Ethics of Ownership
PHI 494 Writing in Ethics
PHI 495 Writing in History of Philosophy
PHI 496 Writing in Contemporary Philosophy
PHI 497 Writing in Logic, Representation and Reasoning
PHI 498 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHI 515 Life Science Ethic
PHI 520 Global Justice
PHI 522 Phi Iss Env Ethics
PHI 525 Introduction To Cognitive Science
PHI 540 The Scientific Method
PHI 547 Philoshophy, Evolution and Human Nature
PHI 550 Software and the Ethics of Ownership
PHI 598 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHI 635 Advanced Independent Study In Philosophy
PHI 696 Summer Thesis Res
PHI 798 Advanced Topics In Philosophy
PHI 816 Introduction to Research Ethics
PHI 896 Summer Dissert Res
Auerbach, D
Austin, D
Blue, N
Bykova, M
Carroll, J
Carter, W
Comstock, G
Dixon, J
Driscoll, C
Endicott, R
Fitzpatrick, J
Goodman, B
Hafner, J
Hambourger, R
Harwood, K
Heiner, S
Helton, J
Hettche, M
Hinton, T
Hutchens, B
Jesseph, D
Kasser, J
Levenbook, B
Levin, H
Luco, A
Mabrito, R
Marnell, M
Mcshane, K
Palmer, D
Pierce, C
Puryear, S
Regan, T
Savage, R
Schickel, J
Scholz, S
Vandeveer, A

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