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Name of department : Parks, Recreation And Tourism Management
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.08
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.37
Percentile within all departments : 29%
Course Name
PRT 101 Unknown
PRT 150 Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Orientation
PRT 152 Introduction to Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PRT 156 Professional Golf Management Orientation
PRT 200 Leisure Behavior, Health and Wellness
PRT 210 Golf Management I
PRT 211 Golf Management II
PRT 214 Introduction to Adventure Education
PRT 215 Principles and Practices of Outdoor Leadership
PRT 216 Unknown
PRT 220 Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management
PRT 238 Inclusive Recreation
PRT 250 Management of Park and Recreation Facilities
PRT 266 Introduction to Sport Management
PRT 277 Psych/soc Of Sport
PRT 286 Write & Spkg Sport
PRT 311 Golf Turf Mgmt
PRT 312 Golf Mgmt Iii
PRT 315 Organization and Administration of Adventure Programs
PRT 320 Convention and Visitor Services
PRT 350 Outdoor Recreation Management
PRT 351 Outdoor Consortium
PRT 358 The Recreation Program
PRT 359 Leadership and Supervision in Recreation
PRT 365 Arts Management in Recreation
PRT 366 Unknown
PRT 375 Internship Orientation
PRT 376 Sport Administration
PRT 380 Analysis and Evaluation in Parks, Recreation
PRT 406 Sports Law
PRT 407 Services, Facilities and Event Marketing
PRT 410 Food and Beverage Management
PRT 412 Golf Course Architecture
PRT 413 Golf Management IV
PRT 414 Pga Apprent Prg
PRT 420 Resort Planning and Management
PRT 442 Recreation and Park Interpretive Services
PRT 451 Principles of Recreation Planning and Facility Development
PRT 453 Administrative Processes of Recreation/Park Organizations
PRT 454 Parks and Recreation Finance and Administration
PRT 455 Personnel and Administrative Practices for Zoos and Aquariums
PRT 456 Issues in Golf Management
PRT 458 Special Events Planning
PRT 462 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
PRT 466 Sport Finance and Economics
PRT 475 Recreation and Park Internship
PRT 476 Unknown
PRT 477 Park, Recreation and Tourism Management
PRT 486 Senior Seminar in Sports Management
PRT 491 Special Topics in Recreation
PRT 500 Theories Of Leisure and Recreation
PRT 501 Research Methods In Recreation
PRT 503 Economics Of Recreation
PRT 504 Recreation and Park Data Systems
PRT 505 Quantitative Techniques For Recreation and Natural Resource Management
PRT 507 Services, Facilities and Event Marketing
PRT 510 Theories Of Sport and Fitness Program Management
PRT 511 Foundations For Sport, Exercise and Fitness Program Management
PRT 512 Recreational Sport Management
PRT 520 Concepts Of Travel and Tourism
PRT 531 Introduction to Geographic Information Science
PRT 532 Principles of Geographic Information Science
PRT 533 Application Issues In Geographic Information Systems
PRT 535 Computer Cartography
PRT 550 Outdoor Recreation Behavior
PRT 555 Environmental Impacts of Recreation and Tourism
PRT 562 Principles of Geographic Information Systems
PRT 580 Current Issues In Recreation Resources
PRT 595 Special Topics In Recreation Resources
PRT 601 Seminar In Recreation Research
PRT 602 Recreation Management Seminar I
PRT 603 Recreation Management Seminar II
PRT 610 Special Topics In Recreation Resources
PRT 620 Recreation Resources Problems
PRT 625 Advanced Problems In Recreation
PRT 660 Field Studies In Recreation
PRT 665 Professional Project
PRT 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
PRT 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
PRT 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
PRT 690 Master's Examination
PRT 693 Master's Supervised Research
PRT 695 Master's Thesis Research
PRT 696 Summer Thesis Research
PRT 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
PRT 763 Appli Issues Gis
PRT 764 Advanced Study In Geographic Information Systems
PRT 795 Special Topics in Recreation Resources
PRT 801 Seminar In Recreation Research
PRT 810 Special Topics In Recreation Resources
PRT 820 Recreation Resources Problems
PRT 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
PRT 890 Doctoral Preliminary Exam
PRT 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
PRT 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
PRT 896 Summer Dissertation Research
PRT 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Anderson, D
Ann Prichard, P
Attarian, A
Banks, S
Bloyer, J
Bocarro, J
Brothers, G
Brown, K
Burton, L
Byrd, E
Campbell, M
Cardenas, D
Carter, D
Casper, J
Cheshire, H
Connors, J
Cox, A
Day, T
Devine, H
Diaz, S
Dorwart, C
Floyd, M
Forrester, S
Goode, C
Gore, K
Grappendorf, H
Greenwood, B
Greenwood, P
Gustke, L
Hamiltonbrown, K
Harrolle, M
Hbrown, K
Henderson, J
Henderson, K
Holden, T
Honeycutt, B
Kanters, M
Kirkman, A
Kline, C
Leung, Y
Lindsay, E
Lindsday, E
Love, C
Macdougall, J
Mandell, R
Mcgehee, N
Mcghee, N
Mcknelly, P
Mohan, L
Moore, A
Moore, R
Moretz-Henderson, J
Patch, C
Patterson, A
Payne, S
Peel, J
Rea, P
Rea, R
Rich, S
Robinson, B
Shields, J
Sibthorp, J
Sibthorp, R
Siderelis, C
Smith, J
Swint, B
Tebbutt, S
Thompson, T
Tomas, S
Vick, C
Wade, R
Wellman, D
Wilson, B

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