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Name of department : Political Science
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.86
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.41
Percentile within all departments : 14%
Course Name
PS 101 Internet Research
PS 102 Data Analysis
PS 103 Designing Political Web Pages
PS 200 Workshop in Political Science
PS 201 American Politics and Government
PS 202 State and Local Government
PS 203 Intro-Nonprofits
PS 204 Problems of American Democracy
PS 205 Law and Justice
PS 231 Introduction to International Relations
PS 236 Issues in Global Politics
PS 241 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 298 Special Topics in Political Science
PS 301 The Presidency and Congress
PS 302 Campaigns and Elections in the US Political System
PS 303 Race in U.S. Politics
PS 305 The Justice System in the American Political Process
PS 306 Law and Courts in the American Political System
PS 307 Introduction to Criminal Law in the United States
PS 308 Supreme Court and Public Policy
PS 309 Equality and Justice in United States Law
PS 310 Public Policy
PS 311 Criminal Justice Policy Process
PS 312 Introduction to Public Administration
PS 314 Science, Technology and Public Policy
PS 315 Public Leadership
PS 320 U.S. Environmental Law and Politics
PS 331 U.S. Foreign Policy
PS 335 International Law
PS 336 Global Environmental Politics
PS 339 Politics of the World Economy
PS 341 European Politics
PS 342 Politics of China and Japan
PS 343 Government and Politics in South Asia
PS 345 Governments and Politics in the Middle East
PS 361 Introduction to Political Theory
PS 362 American Political Thought
PS 371 Research Methodology of Political Science
PS 391 Internship in Political Science
PS 401 American Parties and Interest Groups
PS 402 Unknown
PS 406 American State Politics
PS 408 Urban Politics
PS 409 Black Political Participation in America
PS 411 Public Opinion and the Media in American Politics
PS 413 Criminal Justice Field Work
PS 415 Administration of Justice
PS 418 Gender Law and Policies
PS 431 The United Nations and Global Order
PS 433 Global Problems and Policies
PS 434 Ethnic Conflict and Political Violence
PS 437 U.S. National Security Policy
PS 439 Unknown
PS 443 Seminar in Latin American & Caribbean Politics
PS 445 Comparative Systems of Law and Justice
PS 462 Seminar in Political Theory
PS 463 Public Choice and Political Institutions
PS 471 Public Opinion Research Methodology
PS 490 Readings and Research in Political Science
PS 492 Honors Readings and Thesis in Political Science
PS 498 Special Topics in Political Science
PS 500 Contemporary Political Science
PS 502 The Legislative Process
PS 506 United States Constitutional Law
PS 507 Civil Liberties In the United States
PS 530 Seminar In International Relations
PS 531 International Law
PS 532 Seminar in Global Governance
PS 533 Global Problems and Policy
PS 536 Global Environmental Law and Policy
PS 539 International Political Economy
PS 540 Seminar In Comparative Politics
PS 542 Western European Politics
PS 543 Latin American nd Caribbean Politics
PS 545 Comparative Systems Of Law and Justice
PS 571 Research Methods and Analysis
PS 590 Special Topics
PS 598 Special Topics In Political Science
PS 602 Seminar In International Relations
PS 603 Seminar In Politics
PS 610 Special Topics
PS 636 Readings and Research
PS 651 Internship In Political Science
PS 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
PS 690 Master's Examination
PS 693 Master's Supervised Research
PS 695 Master's Thesis Research
PS 696 Summer Thesis Research
PS 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
Alston, A
Atlas, M
Battista, J
Bayoumi, D
Berry-James, R
Boettcher, B
Boettcher, W
Brady, L
Brunet, J
Cameron, A
Carey, S
Clayton, P
Clerkin, R
Cobb, M
Cody, C
Daley, D
Dimock, M
Dolcos, S
Edwards, A
Figgins, D
Fotheringham, E
Gangi, G
Garson, D
Garson, G
Giemza, B
Gilbert, J
Graham, D
Greene, S
Griffin, C
Hall, C
Hall, S
Hamlett, P
Harris, A
Hayes, F
Hill, E
Hobbs, H
Holtzman, A
Imade, L
Irvin, C
Jarrett, G
Kapil, R
Kessler, S
Kleinschmit, S
Knight, M
Kochtcheeva, L
Kuzenski, J
Lackey, W
Larrie, J
Lexico, P
Liu, L
Lucas, B
Lyons, P
Mandeville, J
Mayhew, F
Mcclain, J
Mccrodden, B
Miller, E
Miller, N
Mitin, D
Moog, R
Morris-anders, T
Munoz, P
Nance, M
Nelson, K
O'sullivan, E
Overby, D
Ozturk, A
Pavlik, P
Pearce, G
Peterson, M
Pettis, G
Raines, J
Rasmussen, D
Reid, T
Rice, D
Savchak, E
Schelin, S
Shelton, S
Shenoy, D
Short, A
Simons-Rudolph, J
Solari, A
Solari, T
Soroos, M
Stallings, W
Stephen, R
Struett, L
Struett, M
Summers, B
Svara, J
Swiss, J
Taylor, A
Taylor, J
Toma, R
Vann, I
Volpe, P
Weaver, T
Wehrli, J
Weinstein, M
Weisel, D
Williams, J
Williams, O
Yellin, M

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