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Name of department : Psychology
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.27
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.33
Percentile within all departments : 52%
Course Name
PSY 200 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 201 Controversial Issues in Psychology
PSY 220 Orientation to Psychology
PSY 230 Introduction to Psychological Research
PSY 240 Introduction to Behavioral Research I
PSY 241 Introduction to Behavioral Research I Lab
PSY 242 Introduction to Behavioral Research II
PSY 243 Introduction to Behavioral Research II Lab
PSY 304 Educational Psychology
PSY 307 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 311 Social Psychology
PSY 312 Applied Psychology
PSY 340 Ergonomics
PSY 345 Psychology and the African American Experience
PSY 350 Human Resource Development Skills
PSY 370 Personality
PSY 376 Developmental Psychology
PSY 400 Perception
PSY 406 Psychology of Gender
PSY 410 Learning and Motivation
PSY 416 Psychology of Emotion
PSY 420 Cognitive Processes
PSY 425 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PSY 430 Biological Psychology
PSY 436 Introduction to Psychological Measurement
PSY 470 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 475 Child Psychology
PSY 476 Psychology of Adolescent Development
PSY 491 Special Topics in Psychology
PSY 495 Human Resource Development Practicum
PSY 497 Sr Seminar Psych
PSY 498 Psychology Honors Seminar
PSY 499 Individual Study in Psychology
PSY 500 Visual Perception
PSY 502 Physiological Psychology
PSY 504 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 506 Psychology of Gender
PSY 508 Cognitive Processes
PSY 510 Advanced Problems In Psychology
PSY 511 Advanced Social Psychology
PSY 513 Psychology and Law
PSY 525 Introduction To Cognitive Science
PSY 535 Tests and Measurements
PSY 540 Human Factors In Systems Design
PSY 553 Principles and Practice Of Ecological/Community Psychology
PSY 558 Psychology and the African Experience
PSY 582 Adolescent Development
PSY 584 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSY 591 History and Systems Of Psychology
PSY 596 Advanced Educational Psychology
PSY 620 Special Problems In Psychology
PSY 641 Psychological Clinic Practicum
PSY 651 Internship In Psychology
PSY 680 Directed Study Psychology
PSY 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
PSY 693 Master's Supervised Research
PSY 695 Master's Thesis Research
PSY 696 Summer Thesis Research
PSY 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
PSY 700 Audition and Other Non-Visual Senses
PSY 703 Biological Factors In Abnormal Behavior
PSY 704 Learning and Motivation
PSY 705 Affect and Cognition
PSY 710 Special Topics In Psychology
PSY 712 Attitudes
PSY 713 Attribution
PSY 714 Social Psychology: Small Groups Research
PSY 720 Psychological Survey Operations
PSY 721 Area Seminar In School Psychology
PSY 722 Individual Intelligence Measurement
PSY 723 Personality Measurement
PSY 724 Psychological Intervention I
PSY 725 Psychological Intervention II
PSY 727 Psychological Consultation
PSY 732 Theories Of Intelligence
PSY 740 Human Factors In Systems Design
PSY 743 Ergonomic Performance Assessment
PSY 744 Human Information Processing
PSY 745 Human Performance
PSY 750 Area Seminar In Human Resources Development
PSY 751 Human Resource Planning
PSY 752 Action Research In Psychology
PSY 755 Cross-Cultural Research and Development
PSY 756 Consumer Research
PSY 757 Innovation and Technology
PSY 761 Psychological Measurement
PSY 762 Quasi-Experimental Evaluation Design
PSY 763 Systems Theory and Applications In Human Resource Development
PSY 764 Survey of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY 765 Vocational Psychology
PSY 766 Personnel Selection Research
PSY 767 Training Research
PSY 768 Organizational Psychology
PSY 769 Work Motivation
PSY 770 Organization Development and Change
PSY 785 Methodological Issues In Developmental Psychology
PSY 786 Cognitive Development
PSY 787 Social Development
PSY 788 Adulthood and Aging: Cognitive and Intellectual Change
PSY 789 Socio-Emotional Processes In Adulthood and Aging
PSY 792 Psychology Of Families and Parenting
PSY 795 Stress and Coping
PSY 800 Introduction To Graduate Study In Psychology
PSY 802 Area Seminar In Ergonomics
PSY 807 Advanced Seminar In Research Design
PSY 809 Psychology Colloquium
PSY 820 Special Topics In Psychology
PSY 825 Advanced Problems In Perception
PSY 826 Advanced Problems In Cognition
PSY 841 School Psychology Practicum
PSY 846 Practicum in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY 851 Internship In Psychology
PSY 880 Directed Study In Psychology
PSY 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
PSY 890 Doctoral Preliminary Exam
PSY 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
PSY 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
PSY 896 Summer Dissertation Research
PSY 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Aboals, A
Ahern, L
Allaire, J
Andreassi, C
Attwood, K
Bailey, M
Baker, R
Baker-ward, L
Banks, E
Barnes, H
Bauer, D
Begeny, J
Bhavsar, K
Biedermanbran, J
Bingham, M
Boals, A
Braddy, P
Braden, J
Brandon, J
Bratton, K
Brookins, C
Brown, B
Cano, A
Cantwell, A
Carpenter, E
Cassidy, L
Chipley, M
Chipley, R
Collins, P
Converse, S
Converse-lane, S
Converselane, S
Conzola, V
Costello, T
Craig, B
Craig, C
Craig, S
Cunningham, J
Datta, A
Decuir, J
Decuir-gunby, J
Dillard, G
Drewes, D
Duff, A
Edwards, T
Ellington, K
Endicott, R
Ennis, G
Erchul, S
Erchul, W
Eritus, E
Evans, R
Fire, N
Follett, K
Fosterthompso, L
Fromm, S
Galter, W
Gillan, D
Grant, R
Gray, D
Grissom, P
Gruehn, D
Guin, A
Halberstadt, A
Hardee, J
Hardy-braz, S
Haskett, M
Hess, T
Hinson, J
Honore, D
Horan, P
Kaber, D
Kalat, J
Kaufmann, K
Kerwa, B
Klein, K
Koommoo-welch, P
Korte, C
Kotter-Gruehn, D
Kreig, S
Lane, S
Laugle, K
Leclerc, C
Lee, V
Levere, T
Lewis, K
Lilly, F
Lim, R
Lindberg, J
Little, S
Lobene, E
Luginbuhl, J
Lynn, A
Lynn, B
Martin, D
Martin, P
Mayhorn, C
McLaughlin, A
Mcpherson, A
Meade, A
Meade, C
Meluso, A
Mendat, C
Mercer, J
Mershon, D
Michael, J
Midthun, J
Mitchell, R
Myers, L
Nacoste, R
Neupert, S
Newman, S
Nora, H
Norton, G
Nyeste, P
Omar, K
Osborne, J
Osowski, N
Oustalis, K
Parker, J
Petlick, J
Pond, S
Putman, R
Ray, T
Ross, S
Rudd, K
Sawyer, K
Schulte, A
Shannon, L
Shattuck, D
Shetye, T
Siceloff, B
Siceloff, E
Sloan, S
Smith, F
Smith, J
Smith-scott, S
Snyder, S
St.clair, K
Stage, S
Stclair, K
Stelter, R
Street, J
Synder, S
Thompson, J
Thompson, L
Toaddy, S
Torregiante, K
Upton, L
Vise, A
Ward, C
Weeks, S
Westbrook, B
Whitman, L
Wiebe, E
Will, G
Wilson, M
Windell, D
Wogalter, M
Wrenn, S
Wyer, M
Yagoda, R
Young, K
Yun Kim, S

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