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Name of department : Religion (also See Philosphy)
Average GPA of courses in department : 2.89
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.26
Percentile within all departments : 16%
Course Name
REL 101 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
REL 102 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
REL 200 Introduction to the Study of Religion
REL 201 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
REL 202 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
REL 298 Special Topics in Religion
REL 300 Religious Traditions of the World
REL 309 Religion and Society
REL 311 Introduction to the Old Testament
REL 312 Introduction to the New Testament
REL 314 Introduction to Intertestamental Literature
REL 317 Christianity
REL 320 Religion in American History
REL 323 Religious Cults, Sects, and Minority Faiths in America
REL 326 The Catholic Traditions
REL 327 Issues in Contemporary Religion
REL 331 The Hindu Tradition
REL 332 The Buddhist Traditions
REL 333 Chinese Religions
REL 334 Japanese Religions
REL 340 Islam
REL 350 Introduction to Judaism
REL 402 Early Christianity to the Time of Eusebius
REL 407 Islamic History to 1798
REL 408 Islam in the Modern World
REL 413 Apostle Paul
REL 423 Religion and Politics in 20th Century America
REL 460 American Religion After Darwin
REL 471 Darwin & Christnty
REL 481 Myth, Metaphor, and Religious Imagination
REL 484 Myth and History in Religious Biography
REL 491 Advanced Readings in Theological and Religious Literature
REL 496 Seminar in Religious Studies
REL 498 Special Topics in Religion
Adler, W
Ahearne-kroll, P
Al-jamil, T
Anizoba, O
Ater, K
Bigelow, A
Bivins, J
Congleton, W
Cunningham, M
Davis, M
Dohrmann, N
Goodwin, M
Grabarek, L
Greene, D
Haines, C
Halperin, D
Harwood, K
Jaffe, R
Jain, P
Lipscomb, W
Liu, D
Need, D
Orcutt, D
Palmer, M
Schmid, D
Stewart, T
Woodrum, E
Zogry, M

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