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Name of department : Soil Science
Average GPA of courses in department : 3.02
Std. dev. of courses in department : 0.56
Percentile within all departments : 24%
Course Name
SSC 012 Principle Soil Sci
SSC 051 Fert And Soil Fert
SSC 185 Land and Life
SSC 200 Soil Science
SSC 323 Water Management
SSC 324 Elementary Surveying
SSC 332 Environmental Soil Microbiology
SSC 341 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
SSC 342 Soil Fertility Laboratory
SSC 361 Role of Soils in Environmental Management
SSC 435 Precision Agriculture Technology
SSC 440 Geographic Information Systems in Production Agriculture
SSC 452 Soil Classification
SSC 461 Soil Physical Properties and Plant Growth
SSC 462 Soil-Crop Management Systems
SSC 470 Wetland Soils
SSC 472 Forest Soils
SSC 490 Senior Seminar in Crop Science and Soil Science
SSC 492 External Learning Experience
SSC 493 Special Problems in Soil Science
SSC 495 Special Topics in Soil Science
SSC 511 Soil Physics
SSC 521 Soil Chemistry
SSC 532 Soil Microbiology
SSC 541 Soil Fertility
SSC 545 Remote Sensing Applications in Soil Science and Agriculture
SSC 551 Soil Morphology, Genesis and Classification
SSC 562 Environmental Applications Of Soil Science
SSC 570 Wetland Soils
SSC 573 Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
SSC 577 Conservation and Sustainable Development I: Concepts and Method
SSC 578 Conservation and Sustainable Development II: Integrated Problem Solving
SSC 581 Agroforestry
SSC 590 Special Problems
SSC 601 Seminar
SSC 609 Colloquium In Soil Science
SSC 620 Special Problems
SSC 685 Master's Supervised Teaching
SSC 688 Non-Thesis Half Rg
SSC 689 Non-Thesis Full Rg
SSC 690 Master's Exam
SSC 693 Master's Supervised Research
SSC 695 Master's Thesis Research
SSC 696 Summer Thesis Research
SSC 699 Master's Thesis Preparation
SSC 701 Tropical Soils: Characteristics and Management
SSC 720 Soil and Plant Analysis
SSC 722 Advanced Soil Chemistry
SSC 725 Herbicide Chemistry
SSC 727 Herbicide Behavior In Soil and Water
SSC 741 Unknown
SSC 753 Soil Mineralogy
SSC 760 Advanced Soil Management
SSC 771 Theory Of Drainage--Saturated Flow
SSC 772 Soil Properties and Plant Development
SSC 773 Forest Productivity: Edaphic Relationships
SSC 774 Theory Of Drainage--Unsaturated Flow
SSC 780 Transport and Fate Of Chemicals In Soils and Natural Waters
SSC 782 Silviculture and Management Of Forest Plantations In the Tropics
SSC 790 Special Topics
SSC 801 Seminar
SSC 809 Colloquium In Soil Science
SSC 820 Special Problems
SSC 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching
SSC 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination
SSC 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
SSC 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research
SSC 896 Summer Dissertation Research
SSC 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Amoozegar, A
Anderson, E
Bartholomew, N
Bennett, J
Broome, S
Buol, S
Cassel, D
Crouse, D
Crozier, C
Duckworth, O
Gehl, R
Gilliam, J
Graves, A
Grossman, J
Gruver, J
Havlin, J
Heitman, J
Hesterberg, D
Hodges, S
Hoover, M
Hoyt, D
Hoyt, G
Huffman, R
Israel, D
Kelting, D
King, L
Kleiss, H
Kreiser, G
Lindbo, D
Lohman, M
Maguire, R
Mclaughlin, R
Mikkelsen, R
Miner, G
Moore, A
Moozegar, A
Naderman, G
Osmond, D
Parsons, J
Raper, C
Rideout, J
Robarge, W
Roberson, G
Shi, W
Skaggs, R
Smyth, J
Smyth, T
Thompson, J
Vepraskas, M
Wagger, M
White, J
Wollum, A

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